Zambia formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, officially the Republic of Zambia, is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The neighbouring countries are the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the south, and Angola to the west. The capital city is Lusaka, independence from the United.

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Zambia formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, officially the Republic of Zambia, is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The neighbouring countries are the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to the south, and Angola to the west. The capital city is Lusaka, independence from the United.

Quintus - I'm sending you a private note in a second. Quintus - Sure, I will be glad to be of any assistance. For very important things I can get my Latina wife to proof read final texts. Voting shall start immediately thereafter, lasting until 1 AM Roman time on July 1st. For the information of the citizens of Nova Roma, here is a brief version of the Senate's agenda: Learning latin is an admirable pursuit, but I can't see it as a prerequisite for full citizenship at this time. Without full citizenship, one cannot hold public office.

Of the things I expect of a Magistrate serving Nova Roma, facility with written latin isn't currently high on the list. As a side note, at one time there were several files posted to the group that contained begining lessons in Latin. I believe these were written by someone who is no longer a member of Nova Roma. Are these files still around somewhere accessible? Wir besuchen die hispanischen Inseln und machen einen kleinen Abstecher mit einer Trireme nach Karthago.

Roscia Annaea Pia and I will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks. We will be visiting the hispanic islands and taking a trireme to Carthage. I am jealous for sure! Have a great safe trip and I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Regards, Quintus In Nova-Roma yahoogroups.

Fortunately C Minucius, you are not one of my assistants because I would be cringing every time you posted. But then again, what is your job in the Cohors Consulis anyway? And if that isn't your specific job, then why the constant chip on your shoulder? Today alone, at a glance I can count 3 emails where you sounded as if you were looking for a fight But hey, you can write what you want-- I believe in freedom of speech: Vale, Diana Moravia L Equitius: So, Diana, you are not the only one to notice.

There seems to be a few henchmen on this list. This reminds me of how kindergardeners operate when they are doing something, "But those guys are doing Or perhaps even more apt, the "Good Cop, Bad Cop" scenario. Are these real people or just another way of saying the nebulous "They"? Is there a list, and do the "Boni" have a webpage, like the 'Cohors'? Modernist and Traditonalist Factions was Re: Would have, Could Have Salvete, Back in the archives, and I do apologize for not recalling the exact period for reference, this came up more than once.

As is hinted in this thread, on one such occasion, LCSF resigned temporarily when several of his gens members wanted to start out on their own with a gens of their own. But that wasn't the only time the organization of the gentes was an issue.

By being required to join a gens before even aquiring actual citizenship, NR effectively forces prospective civis to sign up for a lifetime relationship with people they don't really know Why not combine all those ideas into something that allows some flexibility while preserving the idea of Roman bond making? At any point, they may apply to join a gens.

Valete, Christy Nemo L Equitius: There is a Cenosorial Edictum that allows people to leave a gens should they feel compelled to do so. The procedure is outlined: Very good point Senator Drusus, I hope this "tree is seen through the forest". I'm not convinced that anything needs to be done other than the Censores reapportion the Plebian Tribes to include in each Tribe those who actually vote.

As some have tried to bring you to understanding, the problem with holding a mock election is the simple fact that it will not be taken seriously by the voters Then we could 'go' with the version that gives the clearest results. Thus, it won't be a "mock" election. Start by having the nomen "Cornelius" or "Iulius", then be omni-present online. Also, Sulla's a really convivial, friendly and helpful guy too. Researcher looking for reconstructionist Pagans with military connections From: In fact, the military is not permitted to ban a religion, unless irrefutable facts are presented which show that the beliefs of the religion condone and mandate willful harm to a person, animal, or to the property of another.

So far as I have practiced, none of these apply to Wicca, nor to any other form of Paganism. I hope this answers some questions. When I find the official information regarding this, I'll post it here, and make sure it gets to the beginning of this thread.

Postumius Tubertus "Nam nemo sine vitiis nascitur; optimus ille est qui minima habet. Salve, I agree with your statement. Latin is important, of course. But I think what we all want is a more active population. Limiting a person's ability to participate in Nova Roma will only encourage them to drop out.

Since I have been here, I have learned SO much from all of you. I would hate to see that opportunity be taken away from future citizens.

As for the English portions that is directly from a Senatus Consulta. Talk about a lack of humbleness, you seem ready to toss the advice of the Senate aside for your own agenda.

Remove the English portions and that lex never would have passed. Comprimises also seems to be beyond your grasp. I can't tell you, exactly.

However, I could be misremembering, and would have to search the archives of that list to be sure. I think they're real people. They generated over three hundred messages on their list in this month alone.

Unlike my collega's cohors, the list of its members is secret. Valete T Labienus Fortunatus Subject: Iaculator is very glad to be back.

He was on hiatus as his sponsor was gripped by dispatches of a family member's recent deployment to Mesopotamia, so we missed a lot of the big games Megalensia particularly. I am looking forward to sponsoring his future games too. Maybe he can go on to beat the Greens in the future. However, like yourself, I had some reservations about joining with people tht I don't know. After some twenty yers of historical reenactment were you atually spend more time with your unit than with members of all but your immediate family, caution is a good thing.

There are several Gens in Nova Roma who do act in concert as a "family" and if that pleases them fine. Their are other Gens which are more open and do not attempt that aspect of Gens Life. My Gens does not have a Weblist, and although I have mentioned the possibility on a couple of occasions the majority have not responded. However, I believe I can say we are friends and we can commuicate with each other without rancor, which is someting to my mind..

There is an idea in regard to Gens that should be looked upon more as clubs or Sodalitis, and operate undr thier own charters. Since I have founded and operte within two such Sodalitis Militarum and Egressus , I feel comfortable with that idea, since I consider those who work with me in th Sodalitis as much in my "extended family" as those in my Gens.

There may well be some in this micronation who will be horrified at this idea, but they have probably been horrified brfore by my ideas, and the sky has not yet fallen!!! By all means be as cautious as you feel is necessary for yourself. You may join the Militarium with being a Citizen of Nova Roma if you wish to participate therein as a "Militarium Socci " Please yourself, my friend, just as long as you do not endeaor to do so at anothers expense Grin!!!!!!!!!!

Respectfully; Marcus Minucius Audens A wet sheet and a flowing sea, and a wind follows fast, and fills the white and rustling sail, and bends the gallant mast; and bends the gallant mast my boys while like the eagle free, our good ship starts and flies and leaves old England on our leeFair Winds and following Seas!!! I tried to learn three different languages and can now count to ten in four. I do not have a talent for languages and at 45 I am not likely to develop one in the near future.

Please think very carefully before you consider this as a lex. Friday, June 27, 9: Regards, Quintus Lanius Paulinus To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to: Groups is subject to http: I fully agree that to encourage the proper use of Roman names is "the right thing".

I also agree in that the gender name lex does not try to promote it in the right way. I don't know if they were what you continue to call "traditionalists" or no, given that there is no way to check who belongs to which "faction".

Or is there perhaps a roll of "traditionalists"? Do you mean "modern ideas" like our current gens system? Why do you continue to claim that you defend Roman tradition when it is so clearly obvious that it is not the case? The fact is that I am not interested at all in "utopian social engineering".

That is why I want to change our current gens system to something that resembles the Roman historical model. As it is now, it simply looks like something taken right out from Stalin's mind: I couldn't agree more.

The problem is that you do not stand in that fight where you claim to be standing. Compulsory Latin for NR From: We certainly would not want to lose any citizens. A certain proficiency in Latin is not unattainable, though, for most people. I am referring to written Latin, not spoken Latin. If a Lex is not the way to go in this matter, we should at least find ways to encourage the learning and greater use of Latin in Nova Roma.

You would lose all but a handful of citizens, and I can not imagine the population of NR would ever recover. Instead of a thriving and diverse community composed of citizens from all backgrounds and walks-of-life, we would be left with an exclusive club of classicists, linguists, and other academics who have the educational background that most of us lack.

I would love to be proficient in Latin again. I had 4 years of it in High School but that was almost 15 years ago although much of it has faded, and I simply do not have the financial resources or time to return to school at this time in my life. Perhaps someday, but not now. I am sure there are many other citizens in similar positions as mine, as well as people who simply have difficulty learning new languages. To exclude such a large segment of NR's population would be unfair and disastrous to the Res Publica.

It runs 4 hours over two nights. Valete, Gaius Popillius Laenas Subject: Titus Maxentius Verus To: Friday, June 27, 1: I understand how that could happen.

I would like to offer my apologies to any new citizen around if I have been talking too abstrusely about politics lately. Please do not be scared: Sicinius Drusus is referring to the following law: I agree with you, Quinte Lani, in that Latin, and no other language, should be the official language of Nova Roma.

In my opinion, all those arguments like "if Nova Roma had been founded in France, then French would be the official language of Nova Roma, but it was founded on the U. I understand that English will be the working language of Nova Roma in the foreseeable future, simply because Nova Roma is an international organisation and English is the Lingua Franca of the modern world.

There is no way to change that. But I do not see the necessity to make English the offcial language of Nova Roma. In my opinion, Latin should be declared the official language of Nova Roma. That would not mean that people would have to speak Latin forcibly, or that leges and edicta have to be written in Latin.

It would mean that the government of Nova Roma would be forced to make every effort to promote the usage of Latin within Nova Roma. In the Academia, we are preparing a new plan that will consist of a series of courses to teach Latin to those willing to learn. We already have a Latin course, but we will expand beyond that to cover several years of Latin teaching.

Prime, de examinationibus sunt. Qui administret examinationes de quos dices? Sed quo modo, Amice Quinte, probamur? Me probare, submitto partem orationis meae de nece C. I have a few thoughts to add to yours. First, about the tests. Who should administer these tests? But in what way, my Friend Quintus, are we to be tested? I submit part of my oration on the death of C. Julius Caesar, Perpetual Dictator of the Senate and Roman People, who was killed in the th year from the founding of the City to test myself.

It is below this mailing. Secunde, Anglica Lingua est Lingua Patriae. Lingua mihi docetur annos XVII! Second, the English Language is my home Language.

I have been taught it for seventeen years! I don't wish to abandon it! Sapiens esse te scio, Amice. Third, in what way are we to implement your words? I know you to be a wise man, Amice. Hae curae meae sunt. These are my concerns. Vale, Spurius Postumius L. Iulio Caesare et M. Antonio consulibus, quando interfectus est, Senatus Populusque Romanus servatus est tempore parvo, et mos maiorum est restitutus.

Factus magnus Bruto actus est, et aliis patribus honestis, maximus actus in historia Urbis et provinciarum fuit et est, quippe vivavisset annorum plures, morem maiorum e memoria captus esset. Sed, gratiam multam sicariis debemus Caesaris, quod ei servaverunt morem maiorum et ei morem Caesaris corruptum deposuerunt. Et veritas est, Caesar origionem Imperatorum er Imperium Romanum posuit.

Deposuit morem maiorum Rempublicamque et Senatum et populum misere cogit iniurias imperi Imperatorum Caesar, et mos mores Caesaris hae rempublicam corrumperunt. Emendationes multas institutit ut cogerit plebem misere iniurias magnas actas ab Patriciis Caesar.

Caesari licuerit cogisse cecidisse ei et verbis posculationibusque populum omnem Caesaris. Quamquam popularis plebi fuerat, in finis plebi nocuerit. De dignitate et honore eo curavit solum; de populi, et plebibus et patriciis, non curavit Caesar! De eo curavit, et faciendo eum esse maximus.

Appellavisse eum 'Maximus' aut 'Optimus' aut Imperator populi. Cupivit esse maximus, amplissimus in Roma Caesar! Cupivit tenuisse Urbem patrium, Urbem populi et Senatus; cupivit tenuisse urbem maiorum! Since many changes occurred over this period a diligent researcher can find almost any answer to a given question.

Most of the Legions that we sponsor, are not part of the Republic but rather find themselves in a period of the Empire since there is much more data available for that period. However, an empire is esentially a Dictatorship, and such would be unsatisfactory for our political purposes, even though very interesting. This is an area that Senator Fabius has discussed on more than one occasion.

I do not agree however, with your comparison of legion weapons to the Gens Reform Question. I see no relation to it at all. Weapon technology cannot be compared to the wide view of human necessities. A sword or a rifle is an object, and the difference between them is apparent to anyone who has the most rudimentary of observation tools.

Not so with Social needs, desires, rules and laws, where everyone has thier own view, and each person looks at each aspect of each element in a different way, based on the differences that I mentioned in my first post to you on this subject. So while at first, your comparison sounds reasonble, until you really get into the various ideas proposed, and then it becomes obvious that the questions are not nearly as clear cut.

I suspect a lot of my disagreement comes from listening to myself, rather than someone who is always trying to talk me into something A holdover from my military days I suppose. A further consideration, of course, is that few Historians agree on everything, again based on what the have read, seen, felt and how these observations strike both their edcation, abilities and their as always culture.

You have labeled several items brought up that differ from our Roman period to the present day as being "strawmen" or not for consideration, and I also disagree with that view. Each one of those aspects impacts severely everything that we do.

In your previous comments you have asked of established and valuable citizens who are striving to work for this cmmon cause, "Why are you here? I suspect there are others here who are certainly here for the same reason. Perhaps we should devote more of our energy to education of those who have come for that purpose, and less of the energy to arguments on the finer points of what is more Roman and what less Roman, particularly since we have not yet established a person or persons from which any final judgement will be recognized by the majority of those engaged in building Nova Roma.

Someone else mentioned this similar problem. You are obviously far more advanced in the history of Rome than I. There are a few new people who know even less than I do, I would have to suppose. As I have indicated previously, it really is to those whom we should direct our discussions, in my view, and the more detailed and politically "loaded" topics reserved for the areas devoted to those interests.

I have said this before and brought your wrath and severe criticism down upon my head for even suggesting such a thing, but in truth it has been seen that the eternal political wrangling on this net, and the competition for a few to remain in charge of the political considerations have driven many away from NOVA ROMA.

I do not have the answer totally, but I must again voice my view of the situation. Respectfully; Marcus Minucus Audens Nova Roma Citizen A wet sheet and a flowing sea, and a wind follows fast, and fills the white and rustling sail, and bends the gallant mast; and bends the gallant mast my boys while like the eagle free, our good ship starts and flies and leaves old England on our leeFair Winds and following Seas!!!

Welcome to the next installation of your favorite Soap Opera In tonight's episode we will hear someone say: Not the searching after, the running from. Well, I have to hand it to "As the Tiber Flows" writers. Though you may not know it, they certainly do think ahead or is behind?.

Whatever, they apparently write scripts nearly a year in advance! I suppose I should start from the beginning. I received what appears to be a copy of the script for the episode of "As the Tiber Flows" that is to air in sweeps of AUC It appeared to be authentic, because it was written on a stack of wooden blocks nailed together. It was accompanied by a note, which read, "Here we go again. Well, I have no way of knowing if this is accurate, or why the writers would write this a year in advance.

In fact I'm not even completely sure that I read the script correctly, because the napkins were covered in red stains that appeared to be the result of watered wine, making the script rather difficult to read. Nevertheless, make of it what you will. From what I can gather, Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus and Diana's most recent nuptials will have been nullified by the revelation that Diana was married to a man named Caius Minucius Scaevola during her missing years on Capri in spite of the fact that Diana was still married to Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus when she "died," so she really couldn't have legally married anyone else.

Whether or not this is the same Caius Minucius Scaevola from "As the Greek World turns upside down" , I cannot be sure, but that would appear to be the case.

I cannot determine from the script why these two couples would be getting married together, outside of several references to the four as "the good guys. There will be many new faces, and the familiar faces will Let's have a look.

The episode begins, as Domitia Paulina and Diana are getting ready with Livia 's help. Domitia Paulina is again wearing Popillia's gown, and Diana is wearing a traditional wedding dress with the veil, except it is bright red. Oh, Lucius Cornelius Sardonicusua and I are finally getting married!

I never thought this day would come! Today, everything is right with the world, even though [insert latest world crisis]. Just then, Caius Minucius Scaevola bursts into the room. What are you doing here? The opening is played. In the background Moonlight Serenade by the Glennus Millerius trio plays. I know, you're here to win me back!

Well, let me tell you, buster, it's not going to happen! Lucius Cornelius and I are soul mates - always! It's over, Caius Minucius Scaevola! Diana, I'm not here to win you back. No, I've realized that I was only interested in you because I thought you were my lost love Galeria Valeria. The truth is, I'm not attracted to you in the least.

I could care less about you. You and Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus act like you are the most important people in Roma, but honestly, the world does not revolve around you. That is no way to talk to my sister! We are the good guys! Livia , do you ever think of anyone besides yourself? You are by far the most selfish family I have ever had the misfortune of knowing! Maybe if you would all take a look at yourselves in the mirror, you would see that you are most certainly not the "good guys" you make yourselves out to be.

Diana wakes up from her nightmare screaming in horror. Diana, are you okay? Did he just say he Yeah, I asked him to come and give me away. Well, he is going to become my father-in-law. And, since the revelation that Quintus Lanius Paulinus is his and Popillia's illegitimate son and not a Cornelius by blood caused Quintus Lanius Paulinus to be ostracized from the family business, in a weird way, Caius Minucius Scaevola is responsible for Quintus Lanius Paulinus and I reuniting.

But don't you want your father to give you away? Well, Diana, you know he's far away in So he couldn't make it. Meanwhile the guests are arriving. Sicinius Drusus arrives with his hair slicked back wearing a Toga.

Postumius Tubertus arrive after him. It appears that Octavia has discovered that L. Sicinius Drusus is her father, and L. Sicinius Drusus has become more involved with the Cornelia. Octavia seems to have settled into her role as a mafia princess, because she is wearing leopard skin and has really long fingernails. Pater, I love Sp. But he's not made. You can marry a man with potential in the organization - a Cornelius!

I won't watch you throw that away to be with this Titus Octavius Pius arrives, followed by L. Suetonius Nerva, it's so good to see you. How long has it been? Where are the boys? Mom is watching them. This was the only reference made to Honoria. I assume she is back to being a respected member of the community, and a permanent fixture on the Back alley. Anyway, Helena enters next. Suetonius Nerva, let's go dance.

But that's okay, because I'm supposed to be independent and happy with myself this week. Oh, what the hell, L. Sicinius Drusus, would you like to dance? Gnaeus Salix Astur and Herennia go to sit down, and have no dialogue for the rest of the wedding.

There is, however, a comment jotted in the margin of the script: Oh, Marcvs Flavivs Fides, do you think someday we'll have a wedding this beautiful? I just want to spend the rest of my life with you! Oh, Marcvs Flavivs Fides, do you remember when we first met? I knew right then and there that we would be together always. You tried to deny it, but I knew you were one of the good guys. I was only 12! Who knew that we would still be together at 13?

She is the same age as Sempronia, somehow. She hugs him, and then, says snidely It's over, Annia Aurelia Faustina! I should interject here that apparently, Baro, Festus, and Euphemia were killed off in a chariot race crash during February sweeps, and Baro willed all of his sweepstakes winnings to Marcvs Flavivs Fides, for some reason. Iulius Scaurus, do you really think it was wise to bring Lollia Paulina to the wedding?

Claudia threatened that there would be retribution if Lollia Paulina attended this wedding. From this comment, I am assuming that by next May, Quintus Lanius Paulinus's plan to "go legit" will have gone awry.

Why don't you stay out of this, you old hag? Iulius Scaurus and I love each other, and there is nothing you can do to keep us apart! Forgive me, Lollia Paulina , here, why don't you have a drink? She hands her a glass which is bubbling and has steam coming out of it. Iulius Scaurus, let's dance! They leave to dance, in spite of the fact that the wedding has not started yet and so by definition the wedding reception has not started yet, as Poppaea Sabina gets an evil, psychotic look on her face.

I have to stop her! I will see her dead before she hurts my son. She takes a piece of paper out of her purse and holds it, ominously. We see that it consists of letters cut from magazines that read, "Be afraid, be very afraid.

Matt comes over to her, and gives her a funny look, but she smiles and pretends everything is normal, and they go to dance. Just then, Aunt Messalina and M. From what I can gather, they will have become a couple by May of Octavius Solaris, I'm so happy that you were able to come to the wedding with me. It means a lot to me. Because it's your beloved niece's wedding? No, because it's Diana's wedding. I so enjoy reveling in the great love that she and Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus share. It gives me hope that there can be happy endings for us good guys.

Just then, Aquilia Severa Cornelius comes over in a wheelchair. Octavius Solaris, it was so nice of you to come to the wedding as my date! Actually, he's here with me. Octavius Solaris would never want to see me again once he found out what I had done to keep you apart? Do you now want to deprive me of this small bit of happiness?

Come on, Aquilia Severa , why don't we go get something to drink? They leave together, and Aquilia Severa smirks at Messalina. You won't get away with this! Octavius Solaris and I are the good guys! Okay, so I made this part up. Aunt Messalina and Uncle Nut so do not appear anywhere in the script, even though Domitia Paulina is a Corneli and she should conceivably be at Domitia Paulina 's wedding.

Anyway, Caius and Baebiana arrive next. Baebiana is obviously pregnant. I, I, I haven't gotten out much, now that I'm pregnant, while you and Livia get to go out and do exciting things whenever you want. Livia comes over to them. Baebiana, how are you feeling? You're insinuating that I am faking this pregnancy, aren't you! Your good friend Herennia has been telling you all sorts of horror stories about me, hasn't she!

I would give anything in the world to have Gnaeus Salix Astur back, but I know that's not going to happen, so I've cut my losses and I've moved on! Now, I will give anything in the world to have Caius back, and so you see I am giving him a child!

I am having Caius's baby, and there's nothing you can do about it! Baebiana, I've dealt with people of your ilk before! I don't think you're pregnant with Caius's baby. I think you are really carrying Caius Minucius Scaevola's baby! That's right, I know all about your little fling! I want a paternity test! I'm not falling for this lie again! Can't we be civil about this? That's just a situation we've all got to deal with, because I'm one of the good guys. So can you ladies please stop your silly squabbling?

We men have more important things to worry about. He pats them both on the heads. Everyone, it's time to start the ceremony! Diana and Domitia Paulina are ready! The ceremony begins, even though Rick and Abby, Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus and Diana's good friends and Domitia Paulina 's brother and sister-in-law, are absent. Caesariensis is standing at the altar, but he has no lines. The bridesmaids - Octavia, Lollia Paulina , and Livia - walk down the aisle.

The brides start to, but are interrupted when Claudia shows up. I will not stand by and let you marry my son! By the way, Diana, I am so happy for you - and you look beautiful. It's been a long road, but Lucius Cornelius and I are soulmates - always! You will never get your claws into Quintus Lanius Paulinus again.

Over my dead body. At the altar, Lollia Paulina decides to see what is taking the brides so long. She goes over to them, and finds Claudia. Quintus Lanius Paulinus has been disowned and you, my daughter, are not to have anything to do with him! Yes, I want you to come to Tiber Island. You will find that there is a wedding going on. The bride is blonde, wearing a wedding dress clearly meant for me to wear, and very self-righteous if you ask me.

I want you to kill her! She then goes to hide in the bushes as Quintus Lanius Paulinus and Domitia Paulina recite their vows. Domitia Paulina , I love you so much. I've known it since that day I first met you at Millennium. All I wanted, right from then, was to spend the rest of my life with you.

That's why I took a job as a bartender, so I could be close to you. Because of your love, I was able to become one of the good guys. Oh Quintus Lanius Paulinus, standing here, I think of our first two weddings.

The first time, we were so impetuous, and we eloped, thinking only of how in love we were, and not realizing the consequences. The second time, we were still so very much in love, but we only had the ceremony to please your family. And that was wrong, because in Roma, to have real love means that you don't care about anyone else - only yourselves.

This time, we know what we're getting into, and we're having the type of wedding that we want, and I know that I want to spend every day from now on with you. Always, Quintus Lanius Paulinus. And now, instead of having Lucius Cornelius Sardonicusua and Diana recite their vows, we would like the guests to make vows to Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus and Diana. I vow to listen to Lucius Cornelius Sardonicus and Diana ramble on and on about Gens or election reforms ad infinitum and ad nauseam and happy they are whenever they want, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, not only until death - which for Diana happens twice a month - but always.

Have the marriage contracts been signed. You may kiss the brides. Diana's mother suddenly appears in the heavens, dressed in white and glowing, along with a choir of angels, also in white and glowing. They sing "Hallelujah," and then vanish, leaving Diana looking up in amazement, oblivious to the fact that everyone is looking at her as though she is nuts.

Apparently, Maureen didn't rate a spectral appearance. However, he thinks that Diana is the bride whom he is supposed to kill, and so he shoots her. When she is shot, she falls into the water. Next on "As the Tiber Flows". On the Spaulding couch, Baebiana and Caius are talking. At the wedding, Claudia is still hiding in the bushes.

I killed a good guy! Can she really be gone? On a desert island in the Caribbean, which should be far away and inaccessible from Tiber Island, if not for the fact that during happy hour even simple things like geography and logic go out the window, Diana has washed up on shore. Some shirtless male-model type is hovering over her. Der Weg ist das Ziel, der? Da rächen sich eine schlechte Kondition und einige Kilo Übergepäck.

Direkt im Anschluss an das Foto war die Brille weg und ich musste umkehren um si zu suchen. Fix und Fertig - Gegenwind mit Stärke 9 - aber angekommen. Zwischendurch musste ich komplett umdrehen, weil der Wind mir die Brille weggerissen und die Halde hinabgeschleudert hatte.

Dann wurde das Zeil aber erreicht. Kommen wir vorerst zur letzten Runde der Local-Heroes. Denkt an den VVK: Bevor wir die internationale Keule rausholen, präsentieren Wir weitere Local Heroes, eben das Beste was unsere schöne Region zu bieten hat. AirDice ist einer von diesen Acts, die nicht den konventionellen Weg gehen. Man kann Ihn weder in Schubladen stecken noch klassisch irgendwo einordnen. Zieht Euch das mal Live rein! Hier trifft die personifizierte Technoszene auf ein Harzer House-Urgestein.

Genau das ist es was wir Euch am Ende bieten wollen.