Texas Oil and Gas Production Declining


BBC News market data provides up-to-the-minute news and financial data on hundreds of global companies and their share prices, market indices, currencies, commodities and economies.

Might as well make good use of it, 1. We are very sorry! These, however, were also genetically modified to convert solar energy into electrons more efficiently by minimizing the loss of electrons during the conversion. Thus, solar and wind power are nothing more than fossil fuel derivatives. I am assuming that fossil fuels will be less and less energetically affordable as time goes by.

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BBC News market data provides up-to-the-minute news and financial data on hundreds of global companies and their share prices, market indices, currencies, commodities and economies.

Peak phosphorus is also linked to peak oil. For example, the recent oil price shock and growing concern about climate change has stimulated a dramatic increase in biofuel crop production globally, which in turn increases the demand for phosphate fertilizers, and hence the proximity of the phosphorus peak. A more detailed comparison of peak oil and peak phosphorus is provided in Cordell and Kerschner Peak Oil sceptics commonly argue that the market will take care of things: This is the basis of the market system — neoclassical economic theory — which does not acknowledge the finite nature of non-renewable resources like phosphate rock or oil.

This means that the concepts of Peak oil and Peak Phosphorus are not supported by the market system. While the recent price spike in phosphate rock is likely to trigger further innovations in and adoption of phosphorus recovery and efficiency measures, the market alone does not have enough adaptive capacity to manage phosphorus in a sustainable, equitable and timely manner in the long-term. We are entering a new and unprecedented era of global environmental change this Century.

As we are learning from climate change and global water scarcity, a long-term time frame is essential for understanding, managing and adapting our current system in a timely way. The same applies to global food security and phosphorus resources. The time frames of the market, and key actors in the market system like the fertilizer industry are typically short term, dealing with year horizons at the most, rather than year time frames that are required.

A balanced diet results in depletion of around This is 50 times greater than the 1. The current system of mining and processing phosphate rock, international transport and storage, fertilizer application, harvest, food processing, retailing, storage and final consumption is inefficient and presents many opportunities for both increasing efficiency throughout the system, and for capturing used phosphorus in human and animal excreta and food and crop residues.

A and Jasinski, S. Global food security and food for thought, Global Environmental Change Journal , , doi: Agriculture and the Environment , Agronomy Monograph No. Introduction All modern agricultural systems are dependent on continual inputs of phosphate fertilizers derived from phosphate rock. Peak phosphorus curve, indicating that production will eventually reach a maximum, after which it will decline. However, volatility is unlikely to go away. There are a litany of variables that will have enormous impact on oil as we head into , on both the supply side and the demand side, both bullish and bearish for prices.

Baker Hughes reported a 4-rig decrease for oil and gas in the United States this week—a loss in rigs for the third week in a row. The four-rig decline was all on the oil-rig side, with gas rigs holding steady. The total number of active oil and gas drilling rigs now stands at 1, according to the report, with the number of active oil rigs decreasing by 4 to reach and the number of gas rigs holding steady at The oil and gas rig count is now up from this time last year, of which is in oil rigs.

There has been a tug of war in the oil price over the past two weeks. My bet is on the bet is on the bears. Amazingly, the oil price is literally stuck right between two critical technical levels. For the first time since , the United States now leads the world in terms of oil production.

A new assessment by the U. Has Peaked Diesel arrived? Well, if so, it is terrible news for the automobile and trucking industry as well as the overall economy. The article provides some sobering data suggesting that the global production of diesel fuel may have peaked. Furthermore, due to the peak of conventional oil in and the considerable increase of U. There was a sigh of relief from global markets when the leaders of China and the U. However, despite the good news, the existing 10 percent tariff on U.

LNG has remained unchanged. The problem of severe water stress in the United States - and elsewhere - is serious and getting worse. Water stress is what happens when the demand for water exceeds the amount available, or when poor quality restricts its use. It most commonly occurs in areas where available water supplies have been over-exploited, often due to agriculture or urban development.

Depending on diet and lifestyle, a person needs between 2, and 5, litres of water a day to produce their food and meet their drinking and sanitation requirements Read More. This is not just due to error on part of researchers, but the politicization of science, something scientists, especially with regards to medical and climate science, are gathering together and speaking up about every single year. As a result, most of our beliefs and thoughts about what is happening on our planet come from programming, brainwashing and mass marketing heavy with mainstream politicized science.

Israeli-Australian company Electriq Global's new technology stabilizes hydrogen in a recyclable liquid that can be pumped and transported just like gasoline. That's huge news, because it enables long-range electric driving with fast refueling — and it plugs right into the existing fuel logistics model.

Plenty of people want to move on from gasoline and diesel. Some are environmentalists, some want to stop supporting the geopolitics of oil, some like the lightning-quick performance potential of electric motors.

Whatever the reason, the fuel that powered the 20th century seems unlikely to maintain its transport lead through the 21st. Of course, countless bags and heads of lettuce have since been pulled off of shelves and destroyed. Many regular readers here have been bringing articles to my attention for several months concerning 5G towers. But this article shared by Mr.

But the Permian is also home to skyrocketing natural gas production, and output is growing so fast that drillers are trying to give it away for free. Unlike in the Marcellus shale, where natural gas is the main target, drilling in the Permian is focused entirely on crude oil.

Natural gas is a nice bonus that comes along with the oil. But the drilling frenzy in West Texas and New Mexico has resulted in a glut of this associated natural gas. There is a pipeline bottleneck for crude oil, but there is also a shortage of pipeline space for natural gas. With increasing flows of light sweet crude oil, closely matching the crude diet of many Southeast Asian refiners, benchmark change could be forthcoming as producers re-evaluate how crude supplies are priced and question the validity of existing benchmarks.

US crude exports have risen sharply since the repeal of the oil export ban. Asian nations have accounted for a large share of imports, ensuring the regional relevancy of US benchmark WTI in Asia. This is also one of the lowest monthly production rates since when records began.

The decline was attributed to the natural depletion of mature fields, highlighting the urgent need for new production in the country. The incoming government is currently reviewing oil contracts signed by the previous administration to make sure no corruption was involved in the deals. But, the recent crash in oil prices could do what the much-hyped pipeline bottlenecks could not — slow down shale production.

Between and , shale drilling activity fluctuated with oil prices though on a several-month lag , with drillers deploying rigs and adding output when prices rose, and scrapping rigs and dialing back on activity when prices dipped. Drilling and production has always fluctuated with prices, but the much shorter lead times for shale compared to conventional drilling, meant that the oil market was responding much quicker to price changes. Despite this being a low-volume holiday week, crude oil continues to plunge.

The process is said to be more efficient than traditional machining. Electron Beam Melting involves shining a laser beam into a bed of titanium powder, selectively melting that powder to create fine successive layers of solid material that are fused together to form a single object.

All the powder that isn't melted can still be used for subsequent builds. By contrast, when parts are machined out of a solid block of titanium, more of the material ends up being wasted. Alexander Trigaux We all know there is no love lost between California and Washington politics. However, since California is the 5thlargest economy in the world, the policies and decisions made in California may be putting the U.

Up and down the West Coast, California has numerous ports including those at: Adam Taggart Will our global society be able to transtiton off of its extreme dependence on fossil fuels? And if so, can we do so without too much pain? Tinker remains confident a much better future energy-wise is possible; but will require a tremendous shift in behavoir, and technological innovation.

While the oil rally Friday was slowed by a report that Iraq had restarted exports of Kirkuk oil, halted a year ago due to a standoff between the central government and Kurdistan's semi-autonomous region. Fears that the Kurds would see independence caused a shutdown of oil exports to Turkey. Yet, the new government in Baghdad agreed a tentative deal with Erbil to get the oil flowing. Bloomberg Opinion -- Oil markets are sending a powerful message.

After reaching a four-year high in early October, the price of crude has collapsed by more than 25 percent. More importantly, it seems to speak to waning demand, which is worrisome. These developments suggest the synchronized growth that the global economy has enjoyed in recent years is likely to be replaced by a generalized slowdown.

Natural gas prices shot through the roof on Wednesday as weather forecasts called for an increasingly cold winter in what is looking like a tightly supplied market.

Natural gas spot prices had climbed by more than 10 percent shortly after The natural gas futures market had an exceptionally volatile trading morning, with prices surging about 35 percent since the beginning of the month, likely stemming from traders rushing to cover short positions as panic set in.

Yet, despite all the publicity it has gotten, it has still failed to make clear a very fundamental point: Access to clean water is one of the world's most pressing problems, but a team of University at Buffalo researchers has come up with a new take on an old technology that uses sunlight to purify water.

Led by associate professor of electrical engineering Qiaoqiang Gan, the team has created a device that uses black, carbon-dipped paper to produce fresh water with what is claimed to be near-perfect efficiency. They're a common survival kit item, especially for life rafts, and a quick browse of YouTube quickly turns up a surprising number of videos about how to use bits of common rubbish littering a beach to create a sun-powered still that can turn seawater or dirty water into something more potable.

While the government agencies and economists continue to publish strong GDP figures, they seem to overlook how much debt it took to produce that growth.

And, as global debt has increased, it has forced governments to lower interest rates. This approach, however, could undermine the dominance of the U. In a volatile turnabout, the U. The finish left U. Seawater is a complex cocktail of useful minerals, but it's hard to separate out the specific ones we need. Now, a team of scientists from Australia and the US has developed a new water desalination technique that can not only make seawater fresh enough to drink, but recover lithium ions for use in batteries.

Unfolded, a single gram of the material could theoretically cover a football field, and it's this intricate internal structure that makes MOFs perfect for capturing, storing and releasing molecules.

Cobalt serves as a key component in battery-based devices by allowing them to operate over longer periods without overheating. With the global transition to electric vehicles EVs , corporations are increasingly forced to rely on cobalt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC , where a culture of corruption, unscrupulous mining practices, and political instability threaten supply security.

In the coming weeks, Iranian crude volumes should show a decline. The three leading NOPEC countries have indicated that they are able and willing to open their taps to supply for possible gaps in volumes worldwide. Combined with increased U. Stability is key for most it seems, but that may not always be the case. The decision by the U. But that may not be the end of the story.

As more Iranian supply goes offline, the market will continue to tighten. Iran could lose nearly , bpd of exports by the end of the year, relative to October levels, the bank predicts. In , Gao Jianhua who later changed his name to Gao Yuan was 14 years old. A Chronicle of the Cultural Revolution. The leader of Communist China, Chairman Mao, warned the country that revisionists were threatening to erase all the progress made since the Communist Revolution which brought Mao to power.

Sophia the Robot Gets a Visa The past year in general has been a firestorm of news events, many of them misrepresented by the mainstream media but nevertheless important signals that the economic, social and geopolitical systems we are familiar with are changing or destabilizing rapidly.

It is important to understand, however, that the implications of these events have been building for YEARS, not for mere weeks or months. OPEC and the U. Much has been written about how a Trump instigated trade war has hurt China, and with good reason. Numbers coming out of the country show that U. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged.

And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air — however slight — lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. The success of self-government ultimately depends on the nature of the self to be governed. Historians believe the earliest example of democracy occurred in India during the 6th century B. There is an earlier example, the story of which was lost for centuries and only recently rediscovered.

The new ship fuel regulations coming into force at the start of are set to create an initial confusion on the refining market and crude oil and oil product trade flows, analysts and industry experts say. We are now just 14 months away from January 1, —the start date which the International Maritime Organization IMO has set for the new rules on using only 0.

The theory behind my call is simple. All that is required is just a couple months of colder than normal weather. And the best part… Investors that are positioned correctly could soon see a sizeable payday. However, only a small portion of Canadian heavy crude reaches the Gulf coast. The companies that have the luck, or maybe privilege, to have pipeline and rail car capacity to ship their crude to the south are making out like bandits. According to data the total is about , bpd.

Oil prices in Canada plunged late last month, with the losses continuing throughout much of October. The lower price reflects quality issues, as well as the cost of transport from Alberta to refineries in the U.

The stock market correction of roughly 1. One day it will happen. With little or no warning, the Cascadia Subduction Zone will produce a catastrophic earthquake and accompanying tsunami that will essentially destroy everything west of Interstate 5 in the Pacific Northwest. It will be the worst natural disaster up to that point in American history, and as you will see below, the experts are saying that we are completely and utterly unprepared for it.

Carbon fiber as we know it is one of the most impressive materials in our toolkit. Its incredible lightness and strength has seen it take hold in everything from competitive cycling, to supercar design to cutting edge aircraft. But could it also play a role in energy storage? One team of scientists has been exploring the possibilities, and say that carefully engineered forms of the material do indeed boast the necessary electrochemical properties, raising some interesting possibilities for weight-saving vehicle design.

For half a century it has been an act considered completely off limits…. His father is the actual king, but he is in poor health and everyone knows the Crown Prince is running the show. Rather than selling stock to investors directly, Kazatomprom will rely on a depositary bank that will hold the asset while selling certificates.

No timeline has been provided for when the listing might occur. Green and renewable energy markets are bringing power to millions with virtually no adverse environmental impacts, but before we can count on renewables for widespread reliability, one critical innovation must arrive: California became the first state in the U.

Most new units built after Jan. In fact, America is now on track to become a net oil exporter. Thanks to the shale revolution and more drilling offshore, U.

Yet, instead of terminating the Renewable Fuel Standard RFS —which going forward requires a sharp increase in the amount of ethanol mixed into gasoline, from 15 billion gallons this year to 36 billion gallons by —it appears the Trump administration has doubled-down on biofuels. A total of 89 platforms were evacuated by the time Michael made landfall on Wednesday, as well as seven drilling rigs, with shut-in production totaling almost , bpd.

Some million cubic feet of natural gas production has also been taken offline this week. The lithium ride was a great one. All they needed was their Elon Musk moment, which came in the form of the Nevada battery gigafactory. It will be for an element that takes everything electric to its revolutionary finish line: The one moment that will change everything … and that moment may be near. Vanadium is lithium on steroids—wildly bigger and the only way forward from here.

We may have already reached the peak of our electric revolution through batteries with lithium. While the democrats lie bleeding, beaten up, exhausted and spent, President Trump is energetic, beaming and on an emotional high. The Kavanaugh confirmation is what winning is all about. While republicans of yesteryear would take this as a good time to rest upon their laurels, not so Donald Trump.

When he rode down the escalator that fateful day in June , he alone knew that it was a fight to the death. The yield on the benchmark year T-Note climbed to around 3. That put pressure on stocks as traders weighed the potential slowing effects of higher rates on the economy and the fact that higher yields make bonds relatively more attractive, potentially diverting money from the stock market.

The question here, though, is should energy investors be concerned? A massive liquidity drain is underway as global QE reverses into QT and rates rise against the background of immense ubiquitous crippling debt burdens. What this means is that the biggest credit crunch of all time is bearing down on us, which will involve markets crashing in the absence of bids, serious dislocation of capital markets and out of control interest rates.

Scientists in the United States and Saudi Arabia have harnessed the abilities of both a solar cell and a battery in one device -- a "solar flow battery" that soaks up sunlight and efficiently stores it as chemical energy for later on-demand use.

Because of the intermittent nature of sunlight, the design of practical round-trip solar energy utilization systems requires both efficient solar energy conversion and storage.

Compared with separated solar energy conversion and storage devices, combining the functions of separated devices into a single device allows us to bypass the intermediate step of electricity generation, which represents a more efficient, compact, and cost-effective approach to utilizing solar energy. Oil forecasters are falling over themselves, publishing new estimates on how high they think prices can go.

However, not everyone agrees. Barclays decided to take a contrarian approach, and went against the grain in recent note with its prediction that oil prices will begin to fall before the end of the year. Oil jumped on Tuesday morning after a busy geopolitical weekend was compounded by a flood of bullish news on Monday afternoon. Oil prices spiked on Monday on heightened fears of a supply crunch as more Iranian oil goes offline. Also, news reports suggesting that China is also cutting imports from Iran are only going to add to the bullish sentiment since China was expected to resist U.

The Trump administration and some others in the U. Even President Trump has gotten involved, demanding that OPEC ramp up production to send oil prices lower before they start to weigh on U. But to hear respected petroleum geologist and oil analyst Art Berman tell it, Trump should relax. That's because supply fundamentals in the U. Transportation Sector Steve St Angelo. Solar PV Industry will never be able to grow large enough to power the transportation industry.

Because the amount of energy needed is well beyond the forecasted growth of U. Industry analysts are making their forecasts based on rising fossil fuel production… the critical energy necessary to manufacture and build solar power plants. It seems as if no one takes the time to do a bit of simple math.

Increased Investment Or Demand Destruction? There was even an Association for the Study of Peak Oil. A few years later, the U. Many Peak Oil supply and production theories were put to rest, because oil is much more abundant and economically accessible than originally thought. The outages from Iran are worse than most analysts expected, and bottlenecks in the U. To top it off, new regulations from the International Maritime Organization set to take effect in could significantly tighten supplies.

Let It Burn Karl Denninger. I simply no longer care. The actions of the Senate are beyond reprehensible at this point. I guess that's where this line came from Californians may hate Donald Trump now.

But you can bet Texans will hate whoever comes next. The federal two-party system ensures a perpetually unhappy populace. Today, Jeff reveals why this little-known tech goes far beyond viral video games. In a few short years, it will make your iPhone obsolete. To find out why, and to learn how to profit, read on…. You may not know it, but the smartphone in your pocket will soon be obsolete….

Scientists have developed a photoelectrode that can harvest 85 percent of visible light in a 30 nanometers-thin semiconductor layer between gold layers, converting light energy 11 times more efficiently than previous methods. Is this going to be the breakout indicator?

A major percentage of all uranium is used in nuclear power plants to generate electricity. With mounting demand for electricity all across the globe and the growing capacity of nuclear reactors, the uranium market is set for significant expansion. China with 18 reactors under construction and Russia are the fastest growing markets for uranium. It is estimated that India, Europe, and the Middle East will also join the uranium party. Over the coming years all these regions are projected to expand their use of nuclear energy and invest in uranium mining operations, which will drive the global uranium market.

Of course, proof, facts, evidence are no longer of any consequence in the Western World. Transparently false accusations can be leveled without any evidence provided, and the lie becomes a fact. One of the primary problems with renewable energy, particularly wind and solar, is that power gets generated when the wind or sun is available, rather than when it's most needed. This problem would more or less disappear if the world could come up with a massive, cheap, long-lasting battery design that could be used to store power at grid-scale levels and feed it back out when required.

Lithium batteries are the current darlings heh heh of the electric vehicle and consumer electronics industries, due to their high performance, power density and light weight. But lithium is way too expensive a material for grid-scale storage, and when you're talking about making batteries for a whole city, size and weight are far less important than making something super cheap, safe and reliable that will last for as long as possible.

An update on the situation with glyphosate. Are we being poisoned in the pursuit of profit? One of the big recent changes in American life is the ongoing mass-migration from the middle of the country to the coasts, especially those of the Southeastern and Gulf States.

Florida and the Carolinas, along with Houston and surrounding Texas counties, have gained millions of new residents seeking to trade snow and monotony for sun and water. Coastal state governments have by-and-large encouraged this immigration and the resulting construction, paving, and deforestation because new residents pay taxes and developers contribute to political campaigns.

The bizarre story of Hurricane Florence just keeps becoming even more strange. The good news is that meteorologists are telling us that the storm is expected to lose intensity as it approaches the east coast, but the really, really bad news is that it is now being projected that Florence will slow down and finally stall just off the coastline.

And even though the peak wind speed of Florence has diminished some, the storm just continues to expand in size. How Things Fall Apart: A peculiar faith in pushing extremes to new heights has taken hold in official circles over the past decade: If this fails, then the solution is to double-down again. North and South Carolina nuclear power plants are in line for a possible direct hit from Hurricane Florence.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRC , there are twelve operating nuclear power plants in the Carolinas that make electricity by the continuous splitting of uranium atoms i. These plants generally reside near a body of water—a river, lake, estuary or ocean—because they require a constant source of water for cooling purposes.

Without cooling water, a nuclear reactor will overheat, leading to core damage, containment failure, and release of harmful radiation into the environment. Despite strong economy, many Americans struggling to get by Associated Press. Despite a strong economy, about 40 percent of American families struggled to meet at least one of their basic needs last year, including paying for food, health care, housing or utilities.

But it also revealed that people from all walks of life were running into similar hardships. I have focused my attention on the recent price rotation in the Crude Oil market. I rely on these proprietary indicators and modeling systems to help understand when opportunities exist in the markets. What Causes Moral Hazard? A central occupation of economists is to analyze the nature, causes, and effects of incentives—the circumstances that are held to motivate human action.

One of these perverse incentives is called moral hazard. Moral hazard is the incentive of a person A to use more resources than he otherwise would have used, because he knows, or believes he knows, that someone else B will provide some or all of these resources.

Thanks to increasing demand and upcoming U. Unfortunately, that would be very bad news for the U. In recent years, extremely low gasoline prices have been one of the factors that have contributed to a period of relative economic stability in the United States. Because our country is so spread out, we import such a high percentage of our goods, and we are so dependent on foreign oil, our economy is particularly vulnerable to gasoline price shocks.

According to Kilduff, founding partner of the investment company and a seasons energy trader, "The global market is tight and it's getting tighter, and the big strangle around the market right now is what's in the process of happening with Iran and the Iran sanctions. These Iranian barrels that we're going to lose, it's really going to hurt. It's really going to make a difference and tip the scale in my view to an upside surprise. The fact that people have been doing just that for years is completely irrelevant, apparently.

With only days of passing, that means the sun has been blank for the majority of the year. CSIRO believes hydrogen would greatly help Australia achieve its Paris Agreement targets—cutting emissions by percent from levels by —and also solve a problem with domestic natural gas supply that has caused a price spike in eastern Australia. Clean hydrogen, the agency says, can do all that and more. The price of jet fuel has continued to skyrocket over the last year, currently clocking in at a whopping In order to cope with the resulting massive increase in operational costs, commercial airlines have been reducing the number of flights run on select routes and are presently considering raising fares.

Just this month several major airlines have announced major cutbacks in flights. Utah holds the largest reserves of oil sands in the United States, but up until now, no company had the technology to exploit these vast resources. But that could change in the very near future. The extreme heat in Europe this year is part of a cycle. The swings from extreme heat to extreme cold are also not unheard of.

Another piece of historical evidence they ignore is known as the Hunger Stones. Pictured here is a Hunger Stone from which has been exposed by the low level of water in the Elbe River. This is at Decin, in the Czech Republic. Throughout the centuries, there have been these cycles of extreme heat followed by extreme cold. Such events have been recorded when drought has resulted in the low level of water in the Elbe river. America, the Tyranny of the Stupid Gordon Duff. People around the world are convinced that the United States is a nation run by criminal psychopaths and morons.

When OPEC and Russia shook on increasing crude oil production by a million barrels daily to stop the oil price climb that had begun getting uncomfortable for consumers from Asia to the United States, there was no sign of what was to come just two months later: This support is not simply on ideological or religious grounds, it also has a purely economic motive: In a hypothetical world where all energy would be solar, it would take massive amounts of new silver supplies in order to keep the world running on solar.

Even relatively more modest goals, such as solar becoming the largest source of energy, remain out of reach as long as solar panel manufacturing depends on silver supplies. Yes, Bitcoin does use a lot of electricity. But this problem is not new. With every significant technological development comes a price. While oil production in the Bakken has reversed since it bottomed in and increased over the past few years, so has the amount of by-product wastewater.

And… unfortunately, that is exactly what has taken place in the Bakken over the past two years. Whether you're cycling to the office and don't want to arrive too sweaty and out of puff, or you just need some help getting up a steep hill, e-bikes can be a great way to get around. For many though, buying a brand new bicycle when you already have a perfectly good one just doesn't make sense.

The latest to join the add-on kit party is UK-based Revolution Works, with the three-part Revos system. Currently raising production funds over on Kickstarter, Revolution Works reckons that riders will be able to go from standard non-powered bicycle to pedal-assist e-bike in under 10 minutes with no special tools.

The kit will come as a drive unit, a pedal-assist sensor and a battery. Although China has backpedaled on proposed tariffs on U. Asian oil refiners have been rushing to secure crude supplies in anticipation of an escalating trade war between the United States and China. It Was Bound To Happen: Today, August 15th, is Armadillo Day.

Armadillo Day is not yet a widely known holiday the Banks are still open , and is only celebrated in Texas. Armadillo Day is the day of the year that our State Mascot, an Armadillo named Waxahatchie Juan, comes out of his hole and attempts to cross the highway. If he makes it across, without getting hit by a semi truck, we will have six more weeks of August.

Happy Armadillo Day Y'all! I wanted to share an article with you today because it explains so darn well how investment markets work The design is for a compact fusion reactor CFR which theoretically produces cheap, clean, near limitless energy — all from a device that could fit on the back of a semi. Lockheed Martin thinks they can change that. Canadian oil producers are once again suffering from a steep discount for their oil, causing the largest spread between Canadian oil and WTI in years.

The sharp decline in WCS prices is a reflection of a shortage of pipeline capacity. Much of the talk about pipeline bottlenecks these days focuses on the Permian basin, and the unfolding slowdown in shale drilling, which could curtail U.

The news is being dominated by breathless headlines about the new trade war between the U. In fact, the new trade war is simply a continuation of the currency wars that began in Now the trade wars are here as we expected, and they will get much worse before they are resolved. He always seemed a little unhingedto me.

He had the right to his free speech and was able to attract millions of followers to his website and as viewers of his videos. The First Amendment means something to me.

It means nothing to the corporate media conglomerates supporting the agenda of the Deep State. They will use and are using their monopoly control over media outlets to silence the opposition. Alex Jones is the latest victim. Long patient shareholders of Torchlight Energy must have felt like it was a combination of Christmas and their birthday last week when the company finally announced positive drill results from a new and untested oil basin in far West Texas.

In baseball terms the announcement would be called a home run out of the park with the bases loaded. The Orogrande Basin project has been a work in progress since August of But the best deals are found at the bottom when even angels fear to tread and don't even think about investing. Torchlight Energy signed a deal with the University of Texas on the ,acre Orogrande Basin in September of Demand spikes in the winter as people and businesses turn up the heat, but consumption dips in spring and fall because of mild temperatures.

That means that between November and March, gas inventories are drawn down, only to be replenished between April and October. The peaks and valleys of this market fluctuate from year to year, but generally they follow a predictable pattern.

However, at the same time, U. Plus, gas exports in the form of LNG are steadily on the rise. That means that while demand continues to follow a cyclical pattern, both the peaks and the valleys of this pattern are rising steadily over time. This could be an extinction level event. In actuality, the world does not need a nuclear war in order to experience the consequences, we have Fukushima. Early this year, when President Trump announced a percent import tariff on Chinese PV modules, the local solar industry voiced serious concern that the tariffs would make their installations non-competitive and some could even go under.

The fastest-growing oil region in the U. The Permian shale play in West Texas is once again booming with drilling and is full of oil field workers, some of which are abusing drugs and alcohol to help them get through long shifts, harsh working conditions, and loneliness and isolation. You know that, right? He could literally end world hunger for multiple years and still have more money left over than he could ever spend on himself.

Do you know how long it would take one of those people to make the same amount as Jeff Bezos has? If they only buy single-ply toilet paper. Put simply, you cannot comprehend the level of inequality in our current world or even just our nation. Fat fighting drug could let you lose weight without dieting Ben Coxworth.

Fat cells begin to overexpress a protein known as nicotinamide-N-methyltransferase NNMT , as they get larger. NNMT acts as a metabolic brake which slows down fat cell metabolism, so the more of it that's expressed, the harder it is for the cells to burn fat — it's a vicious circle. That's where the experimental new drug comes in. It blocks NNMT from operating in obese white fat cells, allowing their fat-burning metabolism to increase. The researchers tested it by placing mice on a high-fat diet until they became obese, after which the animals received either the drug or a placebo.

Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the offshore oil rig Deepwater Horizon, off Louisiana, in this handout photograph taken on April 21, and obtained on April Eleven workers were missing and 17 injured in an explosion at the Transocean oil drilling rig, and crews were fighting the fire 16 hours later, the U.

Coast Guard said on Wednesday. An estimated people were aboard the Deepwater Horizon at the time of the explosion. Picture taken April 21, Oil markets have shown tremendous weakness in recent days, losing nearly seven dollars before rallying back a bit on Thursday.

Market analysts have been struggling to find a single reason for it, preferring to cite a cocktail of negative news and rumor to explain the downdraft. Fukushima radioactivity found in California wine Oleg Popov. The idea of using energy from the sun to evaporate and purify water is ancient. The Greek philosopher Aristotle reportedly described such a process more than 2, years ago. Oil prices have retreated as disrupted supply from Libya has started to come back online, threatening the recent gains in oil prices.

But a bigger threat to crude over the second half of and into is a slowdown in the global economy. The Fund maintained its projection for solid global GDP growth of 3. The markets are in serious trouble as the extreme oil price volatility continues to devastate the global economy.

Investors and analysts today are totally clueless because they have become the frogs burnt to a crisp in the frying pan. Over the past several decades, the oil price has fluctuated tremendously, much like the EKG of an individual whose vital signs have run amuck.

Unfortunately, no seems to notice, and no one seems to care George Carlin. There is only one sure thing when it comes to oil price forecasting—forecasts will inevitably prove to be wrong. This makes oil price analysis and forecasting a rather hopeless, and likely thankless, job. The only thing those analysts have to look forward to is being wrong—at best, they can look forward to being less wrong than their peers.

Star-shaped gold nanoparticles, coated with a semiconductor, can produce hydrogen from water over four times more efficiently than other methods, opening the door to improved storage of solar energy and other advances that could boost renewable energy use and combat climate change, according to Rutgers University-New Brunswick researchers.

Name something you could be happy doing every day. Imagine if your favorite hobby, or most intense intellectual interest, could be your full-time job.

And imagine if full time meant spending just a few hours per day on your work. The Economics of Automation: Automation lowers the overall cost of goods and services by increasing efficiency. Robots can often perform tasks quicker than humans, and work around the clock. One estimate says by , robots can decrease the cost of labor in the U.

The Danger Bob Rinear. A week or so ago I wrote an article about what amounts to an upcoming Civil war. But I got wildly differing opinions about what we see happening out there. It was interesting to say the least.

On one hand, I got responses that completely agreed with me. That the rise of the really fringe far left, had gotten completely out of control, and on the other hand were emails suggesting that I was blowing this out of proportion. The world becomes more chaotic by the day. Good luck finding a politician, business icon, or religious leader who is not bought and sold by corporate or special interests. And why we need a new energy strategy -- fast. My years working in corporate strategy taught me that every strategic framework, no matter how complex some I worked on were hundreds of pages long , boils down to just two things:.

When people are sitting around making lists and deciding what they need to survive or just get by in the future there is one thing they need to give great thought to. Energy is the basis of everything. Energy takes many forms such as food, electricity, liquid fuels, mechanical, nuclear, solid fuels, solar and wind to name a few.

Without it your body will not function, you will have no light, no heat, no transportation or communication. Energy is the foundation of everything humans do in this world. Without energy in its many forms we cannot live. Crude oil continues to be the strongest commodity out there these days.

As precious metals recently fell to their lowest level of the year, copper fell below a critical support level, grains are feeling the pain of tariffs, and many other raw material prices are under pressure, crude oil keeps on grinding higher.

Now, it may be time for it to start worrying. The boom in U. Hugo Salinas Price does not have a rosy outlook for the future. Here is what I have been able to gather, from reading Steve St. Suppose you have the opportunity and the means to create a gold mine, and decide to undertake the challenge; you invest in the building and installations of the gold mine, and in all the related salaries to carry out the building of the mine, by paying for all expenses in gold; finally the gold mine is selling the gold it produces, in exchange for dollars.

So now you have an abundant income in dollars, because your mine has been a successful venture. As the world continues to burn energy like there is no tomorrow, global oil and gas discoveries fell to another low in According to Rystad Energy, total global conventional oil and gas discoveries fell to a low of 6.

To arrive at a Boe, Rystad Energy converts natural gas to a barrel of oil equivalent. In , the world discovered 30 billion Boe of oil and gas versus the 6. Of the many delusions of modern economics, perhaps the greatest is that the dominant Keynesian model reflects permanent dynamics of advanced economies. Correlate the weekly prices of wholesale gasoline and crude oil over 30 years. The correlation is 0.

Rising or falling gasoline prices will follow rising or falling crude oil prices. Corrections will occur along the way. Oil prices surged to their highest level in more than three years on Thursday, as the number and volume of supply outages continues to rise.

The odds of a significant shortfall in supply are also growing by the day. The degree turnaround in the oil market from May is pretty staggering, even for an oil market steeped in volatility and uncertainty.

In late May, rumors of higher output from Saudi Arabia and Russia led to a crash in prices, and led to speculation of another lengthy downturn. Blue Origin, a space travel startup owned by Bezos, will start selling passenger tickets in The difference between WTI and Brent narrowed significantly over the past few days, as the forces driving the two benchmarks apart seemed to have reversed course.

For the past few weeks and months, WTI suffered a steep discount relative to Brent, a reflection of a series of factors that made North America well supplied with oil, while the rest of the world saw supplies tighten significantly.

North America has been overflowing with oil, and much of the additional supply has been routed through Gulf Coast export terminals, if producers can get their oil out of West Texas. Organized lawlessness is spreading to cities across the United States but the news is almost totally ignored and blacked out by the mainstream media. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal government policing agency that is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

This is a dangerous development, as are the reasons to use them the way they have been. Both pictures are of children who had not been separated from their mothers at all. But both were used to depict just that: Yes, children have been taken from parents at US borders. As I've written recently, I observe this is due more than anything else to a widespread demoralization society is suffering from.

Certainly the statistics reflect this. The market research company is extremely upbeat about U. Apart from the Permian, where more reserves per well are drilled, new areas and formations that have been geologically proved boosted the U. But the US dollar aka the petrodollar is also up, which compounds the problem because oil is priced in dollars. The result is serious trouble for at least some countries in that position.

Fueled by artificial intelligence, 5G, the internet of things and augmented reality, these next steps might be the biggest leap forward humanity has ever made.

Increasingly, data is being harvested from every aspect of our day-to-day lives. The information is then being used to advertise to us, to map our neighborhoods and even to sway elections. And this process of data extraction is only accelerating. It is the backbone of world being built around us. Certain areas of the world are more vulnerable to economic and societal collapse. To understand which areas and regions in the world that will suffer a larger degree of collapse than others, we need to look at their energy dynamics.

For example, while the United States is still the largest oil consumer on the planet, it is no longer the number one oil importer. China surpassed the United States by importing a record 8. The result of their mighty exertions is something like pages of pasteurized tofu.

You have to wonder how embarrassed Mr. Horowitz is, and whether he, or others seeking to defend his integrity, might do anything about it. While many analysts and agencies have already called the end of the global oil glut, oil held in floating storage in Europe is at an at least month-high, also due to the booming U. Oil in ships around European shores was Emerging markets, EMs, have had an amazing run over the past two years.

Moving in lock step with U. But just as U. A major reversal of EM stock gains is emerging. Today we wander out to the tail end of the bell curve… look around for black swans… and raise scandalous questions. Our fate directly depends on our courage to change it. I'll get to the story in a moment, but first, a little background on the movie Morales, a native Midlander and second-generation restaurateur, has seen it happen so many times before.

A private company in the United Kingdom says it has successfully tested its prototype nuclear fusion reactor at temperatures that are hotter than the Sun. The company hopes to use the nuclear fusion reactor to start supplying energy in Last week , we showed a graph of rising open interest in crude oil futures.

From this, we inferred — incorrectly as it turns out — that the basis must be rising. Why else, we asked, would market makers carry more and more oil? Crude oil acts differently from gold — and so do all other industrial commodities. What makes them different is that the supply of industrial commodities held in storage as a rule suffices to satisfy industrial demand only for a few months at most.

This is in fact one of the reasons why gold is the money commodity. Oil prices slid early on Tuesday, as reports of the U. Rising geopolitical concerns over Iran vowing to enrich uranium amid EU attempts to salvage the nuclear deal as well as heightened tensions in the Iranian-Israeli feud helped to boost prices in the afternoon. Brent prices touched their lowest in nearly a month, since May 8, the day on which the U. It should come as no surprise that U.

Saturday at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue, a much covered and annual international security forum in Singapore, U. The former Marine Corps four-star general, who served as the Commander of U. Central Command during the Obama Administration, said that the U. The tariffs will include a 25 percent levy on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. Months ago, Trump proposed these tariffs, but repeatedly offered exemptions to allies while U.

Increased demand for battery materials used in electric vehicles and energy storage is what's supposed to reignite interest in the mining sector now that the China-induced supercycle in commodities demand are levelling off. Prices for lithium and cobalt have soared. Graphite and rare earth prices are making a comeback. Nickel, where EV-related demand is still tiny, has been caught up in the euphoria and longer term the bellwether metal for the industry, may benefit the most. When trying to predict gold prices, investors usually look at one or several drivers: But on their own, how reliable is each for predicting either short-or-long-term medium gold price movements?

For instance, you have probably heard that gold bears an inverse correlation to interest rates. The logic here is simple enough: Investors shift their money from non-interest yielding assets like gold to high-yield assets like bonds and stocks when interest rates are climbing.

Think Oil Is Getting Expensive? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet. Fundamentally, we are not finding nearly as much oil as we need to continue the trajectory of the global demand curve. And at the same time, we're extracting our reserves at a faster rate than ever. That's a mathematical recipe for a coming supply crunch -- it's not a matter of if, but when: With OPEC and allies achieving a key goal of eliminating the global surplus despite record production in the U.

The group are set to meet in June to decide its next steps. The petro-yuan on its own may well become enough of a disruptor to unseat the USD as the ruling currency of global trade. But it turns out it was only the first what may be many Chinese incursions into markets previously monopolized by the greenback. The worst drought to hit the Southwest in decades continues to grow even worse, and many are already comparing this current crisis to the Dust Bowl days of the s.

Agricultural production is way down, major rivers are running dry, and horses are dropping dead from a lack of water. The epicenter of this drought is where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico all come together, but it is also devastating areas of north Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas as well. Beyond that, shortages of oilfield steel products will develop — and are already developing — further driving up costs to oil and gas producers.

It seems that the difference between the price of oil here and abroad is a measure of tightness in the market, with a rising spread indicating higher prices in the future, with all the inflationary pressures that that implies.

Few Americans realize that the U. However, the shale oil industry is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme, so when it collapses, it will take down the U. Unfortunately, the reason few Americans understand how lousy the economics are in producing shale oil and gas is due to the misinformation and propaganda being put out by the industry and energy analysts.

Our research team has been following the energy sector quite intensely with Oil and Natural Gas making an impressive move. Our advanced price modeling systems and Adaptive Dynamic Learning Cycles have recently triggered another buy entry point which we share in this article but first look at the seasonal chart showing the month which Natural Gas is generally strong. The reaction to this missile will be swift and severe. Within the hour Saudi Arabia will have declared war on Iran.

And within 24 hours the Saudis will have retaliated through a direct attack on Iran. Once that happens, all bets are off as to how high oil prices go Read More. That raises the question about how much of a dent high oil prices will make in the U. There are a few reasons for that. Also, the economy uses less energy per unit of GDP than it used to, becoming slightly more efficient with each passing year.

Supported by a hard push by the Chinese government to drive up electric car sales, annual EV sales are on track to hit a one-million-unit milestone this year, as demand continues to rise significantly.

The young woman was tried as a witch in Youghal, Ireland in In another instance, she kissed the hand of an imprisoned man who subsequently died. We deny any cause-and-effect relationship between Ms.