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Retrieved August 8, Television viewers 25 to 54 8: The other senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders , was elected as an independent and has caucused with the Democrats since taking office in Retrieved February 15, In Arizona, a court settlement was reached on November 9 between Democrats and Republicans after Republicans filled a lawsuit on November 7 to attempt to prevent Maricopa and Pima counties from using procedures that permit mail-in ballot fixes to occur beyond election day.

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In a governorate such as Homs, where only 26 to 50 percent of the pre-conflict population remains , the scale of the challenge is immense. The difficulty of engaging in legal challenges related to property further complicates matters.

Prior to the conflict, close to 40 percent of Syrians lived in informal settlements, and therefore had limited access to legally recognizable proof of ownership. And for those who come from areas that sustained considerable damage and where property records have been altered, Law No. The World Bank estimates that around 30 percent of housing has been partially or completely destroyed. First, it allows the regime to kickstart reconstruction activities in specific parts of Syria that represent a strategic interest politically or economically.

Second, it gives the regime an additional vetting mechanism over returnees and a way of stripping political opponents of their assets. For refugees, who are largely perceived by the regime as being traitors, this increases their risk of dispossession and permanent exile. Third, the law will allow the regime to consolidate its power base by repopulating strategic areas with loyalists. At the same time, the law provides an instrument to bar the return of potential sources of future resistance.

Finally, the law will allow the regime to generate funds to finance its activities, military or otherwise, and reward its loyalists by allowing them to buy into valuable real estate projects at values well below market rates. Regime-affiliated businessmen can also be tasked with construction and development of these areas. The first three regions selected for the application of Law No.

According to Hussein Makhlouf , the minister of local administration, they are the districts of Baba Amr, Sultaniyyeh, and Jobar in Homs, as well as informal settlements in Aleppo and in the area of Harasta in eastern Ghouta, near Damascus. Application of Law No. This imposes a question on the international community. Should countries fund reconstruction of Syria in this context, thereby aiding a regime that has engaged in the widespread cleansing of its own population?

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