Infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Useful links from Ministry of Economy: The UAE mGovernment is not responsible for the accuracy of information in the translated language. Ranked 5 in the Arab World. Different emirates felt different degrees of strain from the crisis.

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By , the six largest airports in the country are expected to have a total combined capacity of m passengers per annum. The addition this level of capacity has left some critics openly questioning the feasibility of this expansion.

However, local aviation insiders counter that the increased capacity will cater to the global market. The country has numerous port facilities catering to general cargo, container shipping, and the oil and gas industry. The ports of Fujairah and Khor Fakkan are located on the Eastern coast and offer direct access to the Indian Ocean without the need to navigate the Strait of Hormuz. However, that situation is currently changing.

On September 9, , the Dubai Metro was inaugurated and on the next day it opened to the public. It is the first urban train network in the GCC. An additional two lines are planned for the future. While the Dubai Metro ushered in the era of rail in the UAE, the Etihad Rail project is set to bring rail transport to the entire country.

Phase 1 of the project, which is currently underway and expected to be complete by , will link the industrial port city of Ruwais in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi with the Shah gas field near the Saudi Arabain border.

Phase 2 of the project will extend the network throughout the rest of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including links to the GCC rail network via Saudi Arabia and Oman. Infrastructure in the UAE is not just about transportation. Telecommunication infrastructure in the country has been steadily developed and the telecommunications sector accounts for a significant portion of the economy.

Although these projects provided high-grade investment opportunities with very attractive yields, the lack of liquidity and timid investor sentiment caused delays in many projects. The university establishes the Faculty of Information Technology and the Research Affairs Unit to manage and promote scientific research.

It is an interdisciplinary program in environmental sciences. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is established. The first student cohort graduated. This included male and 50 female students, some of whom now hold key leadership position in the country. In the university opened with four faculties. Educational accreditation is a voluntary peer review process by the higher education community that aims to assure academic quality and accountability and to encourage improvement.

Accrediting agencies develop evaluation criteria and conduct peer evaluations to assess whether or not those criteria are met. We aim to produce graduates who will be leaders and pioneers in their respective fields.

We currently have more than 63, former students spread around the globe. Many of our graduates hold senior positions in academia, business, industry, and government ministries.

The Council exercises appropriate oversight over University policies and ongoing operations. The Council is an independent policy-making body that, through its membership, activities, and decisions, is capable of reflecting constituent and public interest.

The United Arab Emirates University takes pride in its achievements and prestigious position at both regional and global levels. Due to the unstinting support of the National Leadership, education has always been a strategic priority for the United Arab Emirates. The University strives to meet the expectations and aspirations of the nation and society by adhering to the highest institutional principles, which includes respect for diverse values, national heritage, cultural diversity, integrity, transparency, teamwork, leadership, learning and effective decision-making and communication.

The University plays an important role in many aspects of teaching, scientific research and community service. It is committed to qualifying graduates with highly developed skills and necessary knowledge to be both creative and innovative with an ability to compete in the labor market and take pride in their national identity.

External evaluation of these programs at international standards ensure quality control of these courses. The development of teaching and learning methodologies, the use of smart devices in classrooms, the support of scientific research and development has all helped UAEU in obtaining global academic accreditation for its many programs and diverse colleges. UAEU seeks to maintain and expand the international institutional accreditation that has already been established.

To achieve quality control and optimum performance, the University is keen in attracting talented faculty and researchers. UAEU also delivers administrative and technical services of the highest quality, seeks partnerships at local, regional and global levels in order to contribute to a knowledgeable economy, achieves sustainable development, and builds a society based on the dissemination of knowledge and innovative ideas.

The United Arab Emirates University strives to provide the best learning environment in order to achieve international standards and provide accredited academic programs. These higher education and graduate programs must keep pace with rapid changes in society and the labor market which needs national graduates capable of taking on responsibility. As such, we need to continue to develop in terms of scientific research. The university has already started on a radical shake up in various fields in order to reach international standards of excellence in its scientific and research practices.

UAEU has made innovation a strategic priority and seeks to encourage creativity and innovation that can contribute to strengthening sustainable development and the development of a knowledge economy at local and international levels.

Through promoting creativity and innovation the university has established a competitive spirit throughout the scientific research community. The university prepares students by developing skills, abilities and talents. This prepares graduates for the labor market. UAEU is improving in terms of employee and administrative efficiency. This, in turn, lays the foundations to support business development, teamwork, innovation and efficiency. There are also ongoing periodical revisions of internal regulations, policies and procedures which benefit the university community and our strategic partners.

The UAE encourages private sector growth and maintains liberal policies in terms of foreign exchange controls, visa policies and import regulations. The UAE has strong ties with key trade associations to strengthen its position as an open economy and player in the international trade and competition. Currently, the UAE is implementing policies for a future beyond oil. The UAE plans to increase the contribution of the non-oil sector to 80 per cent of the nation's GDP in the next 10 to 15 years.

For this purpose, it has employed several strategies to promote its overall economic and social position and diversify its national income based on a sustainable and knowledge-based economy, away from the dependency on oil.

Read about strategies and plans here. You are using Google Translate. The UAE mGovernment is not responsible for the accuracy of information in the translated language. Why invest in the UAE? Advantages The UAE has the advantage of: Strategic location State-of-the-art infrastructure Variety of business premises Political stability Social stability Ease of doing business Protection of intellectual property rights Favourable business regulations Open economy Economic stability No corporate tax.

Strategic location The UAE is blessed with a strategic location between the east and west, which makes it accessible to major emerging economies, linking shipping routes and facilitating goods' transportation between the various regions in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. State-of-the-art infrastructure The UAE provides advanced infrastructural facilities in all fields.

Refer to the infrastructure section for more information. Variety of business premises The UAE offers endless choices of business premises and locations. You can set up your business in: Political stability The UAE is a model of political stability.