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Gold can be used as a hedge against inflation and a falling US dollar, but what is the best way to invest in gold -- mutual funds or ETFs? The denunciation may be limited to certain territorial units of a multi-unit State to which the Convention applies. For the purpose of this provision, residence excludes mere presence. Staatsanleihen gelten in der Regel als die besten unter den "sicheren Anlagehäfen". Article 23 Procedure on an application for recognition and enforcement.

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Within the same six-week period, the requested Central Authority shall provide to the requesting Central Authority the name and contact details of the person or unit responsible for responding to inquiries regarding the progress of the application. In such case, that Central Authority shall promptly inform the requesting Central Authority of its reasons for refusal. However, the requested Central Authority may ask the requesting Central Authority to provide these additional documents or information.

In this case, it shall inform the requesting Central Authority of this decision. Any application made through Central Authorities of the Contracting States in accordance with this Chapter, and any document or information appended thereto or provided by a Central Authority, may not be challenged by the respondent by reason only of the medium or means of communication employed between the Central Authorities concerned.

Article 14 Effective access to procedures. Article 15 Free legal assistance for child support applications. Article 16 Declaration to permit use of child-centred means test. The requested State may only request further evidence of the child's means if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided by the applicant is inaccurate. The term "decision" also includes a settlement or agreement concluded before or approved by such an authority.

A decision may include automatic adjustment by indexation and a requirement to pay arrears, retroactive maintenance or interest and a determination of costs or expenses. Article 20 Bases for recognition and enforcement. Article 21 Severability and partial recognition and enforcement. Article 22 Grounds for refusing recognition and enforcement. Article 23 Procedure on an application for recognition and enforcement.

At this stage neither the applicant nor the respondent is entitled to make any submissions. If the contesting party is not resident in the Contracting State in which the declaration or registration was made or refused, the challenge or appeal shall be lodged within 60 days of notification.

Article 24 Alternative procedure on an application for recognition and enforcement. It may review any grounds listed in Articles 20, 22 and 23 7 c if raised by the respondent or if concerns relating to those grounds arise from the face of the documents submitted in accordance with Article Article 26 Procedure on an application for recognition.

This Chapter shall apply mutatis mutandis to an application for recognition of a decision, save that the requirement of enforceability is replaced by the requirement that the decision has effect in the State of origin.

Any competent authority of the State addressed shall be bound by the findings of fact on which the authority of the State of origin based its jurisdiction. There shall be no review by any competent authority of the State addressed of the merits of a decision. Article 29 Physical presence of the child or the applicant not required. The physical presence of the child or the applicant shall not be required in any proceedings in the State addressed under this Chapter.

It may review all grounds listed in paragraph 4 of this Article and the authenticity or integrity of any document transmitted in accordance with paragraph 3 if raised by the respondent or if concerns relating to those grounds arise from the face of those documents. Article 31 Decisions produced by the combined effect of provisional and confirmation orders. Article 32 Enforcement under internal law.

The State addressed shall provide at least the same range of enforcement methods for cases under the Convention as are available in domestic cases. Article 37 Direct requests to competent authorities. Personal data gathered or transmitted under the Convention shall be used only for the purposes for which they were gathered or transmitted. Any authority processing information shall ensure its confidentiality in accordance with the law of its State.

Article 40 Non-disclosure of information. No legalisation or similar formality may be required in the context of this Convention. The Central Authority of the requested State may require a power of attorney from the applicant only if it acts on his or her behalf in judicial proceedings or before other authorities, or in order to designate a representative so to act. Article 45 Means and costs of translation. If there is no agreement and it is not possible for the requesting Central Authority to comply with the requirements of Article 44 1 and 2 , then the application and related documents may be transmitted with translation into English or French for further translation into an official language of the requested State.

Article 47 Non-unified legal systems - substantive rules. Article 48 Co-ordination with prior Hague Maintenance Conventions. Article 49 Co-ordination with the New York Convention. In relations between the Contracting States, this Convention replaces the United Nations Convention on the Recovery Abroad of Maintenance of 20 June , in so far as its scope of application as between such States coincides with the scope of application of this Convention. Article 50 Relationship with prior Hague Conventions on service of documents and taking of evidence.

Article 51 Co-ordination of instruments and supplementary agreements. The States which have concluded such an agreement shall transmit a copy to the depositary of the Convention. As concerns the recognition or enforcement of decisions as between Member States of the Regional Economic Integration Organisation, the Convention shall not affect the rules of the Regional Economic Integration Organisation, whether adopted before or after the conclusion of the Convention.

However, as regards simplified, more expeditious procedures referred to in paragraph 1 b , they must be compatible with the protection offered to the parties under Articles 23 and 24, in particular as regards the rights of the parties to be duly notified of the proceedings and be given adequate opportunity to be heard and as regards the effects of any challenge or appeal.

In the interpretation of this Convention, regard shall be had to its international character and to the need to promote uniformity in its application. Article 54 Review of practical operation of the Convention. Notice of the proposal to amend the forms shall be included in the agenda for the meeting. The State making such reservation shall, until the reservation is withdrawn, be treated as a State not Party to the present Convention with respect to that amendment. Article 58 Signature, ratification and accession.

Such an objection may also be raised by States at the time when they ratify, accept or approve the Convention after an accession. Any such objection shall be notified to the depositary. Article 59 Regional Economic Integration Organisations. The Regional Economic Integration Organisation shall in that case have the rights and obligations of a Contracting State, to the extent that the Organisation has competence over matters governed by the Convention.

The Organisation shall promptly notify the depositary in writing of any changes to its competence as specified in the most recent notice given under this paragraph. In the event that a declaration is made by a Regional Economic Integration Organisation in accordance with paragraph 3, any reference to a "Contracting State" or "State" in this Convention shall apply equally to the relevant Member States of the Organisation, where appropriate.

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