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Archived from the original on May 9, Timestamp, optional — String or Timestamp representing a start date or start intraday minute for the returned data. Young — Eugene Meyer — Eugene R. The New York Times. Rosetta Stone CEO on language learning in the age of apps.


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We recommend that independent professional advice is obtained before you make any investment or trading decisions. By using this site you agree to this sites Terms of Use. In return for that endorsement and only in the cases where you purchase directly though us may we be compensated by the producers of those products. China, Global Economy has Tipped over: Safe Havens are Surging. What this Means for Stocks - 4th Jan Another Bullish Attempt - 4th Jan Rising Cost of Moving Home - 4th Jan Silver Price Trend Analysis - 4th Jan Limited Pockets of Value Present - 3rd Jan If a list of symbols is provided, and fields is a string, data is returned as a DataFrame with a DatetimeIndex and a columns given by the passed symbols.

You can find the ID of a live algorithm in the URL of its full results page, which will be of the form:. Creates tear sheets for returns, significant events, positions, transactions, and Bayesian analysis. Return a preview of the first length bars of the timeseries stored in getattr self, attr. Also includes columns for common returns sum of returns from known factors , specific returns alpha , and total returns.

Return a DataFrame with a daily DatetimeIndex containing cumulative performance metrics for the algorithm. The result is a dates x factors matrix representing the factor-weighted sum of the algorithms holdings for each factor on each day.

Return a datetime-indexed DataFrame representing a point-in-time record of positions held by the algorithm during the backtest. Return a DataFrame with a daily DatetimeIndex representing rolling risk metrics for the algorithm. Return a DataFrame representing a record of transactions that occurred during the life of the algorithm. The returned frame is indexed by the date at which the transaction occurred. The following functions have been recently added to the Research API. They are importable from quantopian.

We expect to eventually stabilize these APIs and move the functions into the core quantopian. Timestamp — The start date to run the pipeline for. Timestamp — The end date to run the pipeline for.

Integers are interpreted as sids. Strings are interpreted as symbols. Timestamp — Start date of data to load. Ford recalls over , vehicles to replace inflators Ford is recalling more than , vehicles worldwide to replace Takata passenger air bag inflators that can explode and hurl shrapnel.

Business Highlights Business Highlights. How major US stock indexes fared Friday Global stocks soared Friday and reversed the big losses they suffered just a day earlier.

Stocks soar, erasing Thursday's plunge Wall Street roared back, wiping out all of the losses from the previous day, as a barrage of positive news eased concerns about the economy and Dow closes up points on strong employment news and reassurances from Fed chairman, erasing Thursday's plunge Dow closes up points on strong employment news and reassurances from Fed chairman, erasing Thursday's plunge.

China says US envoys due in Beijing for talks on trade fight The two days of talks are aimed at carrying out last month's agreement. Hot jobs in December: Health care, restaurants, construction Where Americans found jobs: Health care, restaurants, construction.

Buyers face tougher housing market in Americans' path to homeownership is likely to get more expensive in , even as a severe national shortage of homes for sale shows signs of easing. US employers added a stellar , jobs in December US added a robust , jobs in December, as more jobseekers pushed up unemployment rate to 3. US added a stellar , jobs in December, as more jobseekers pushed up unemployment rate to 3. A strong jobs report could provide reassurance on economy Friday's jobs report likely to offer reassurance after stock market sell-off.

Asian shares mixed as Japan tumbles Japanese markets have tumbled as they reopened after the New Year holidays, while other Asian indexes are mixed after a technology-led sell-off on US new-vehicle sales in rise slightly to Disappointing outlook from Delta drags down airline stocks Airline stocks tumble after Delta reports that fourth-quarter revenue will be less than previously expected.

Worries grow about impact of a prolonged government shutdown Worries rise that a prolonged government shutdown and other threats could threaten economy. No money to travel? Find places to stay for next to nothing No money for travel?