Top 10 Indonesian Palm Oil Companies


Easily network with over 39, leading palm oil companies in over 70 countries on BizVibe, any of which can be added to your contact list immediately if you join for free today. This company is based in Indonesia but is a subsidy under the major agricultural corporation , Golden Agri Resources. If they are successful at changing their policies in these areas, Wilmar will contribute greatly to turning the palm oil industry in the right direction! They own 38 company estates and 24 smallholder estates.

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Impian Group is Malaysia's largest oil palm plantation and milling operator. Gelora Impian Ventures's core activity is the cultivation and Vegetable oils crude vegetable oil for human consumption and biodiesel. Vegetable oils refined vegetable oil alkalized cocoa powder. We sell in metric tons for both large and small quantity of oils.

Oils and fats, edible canola oil crude sunflower oil refined rapeseed oil crude corn oil refined. Valves for industrial fittings safety valve water meters. You may not realize it, but palm oil is everywhere. Demand for this inexpensive, versatile vegetable oil has skyrocketed in recent years, and it can be found in thousands of common consumer products, from cookies to toothpaste.

While it may be cheap in economic terms, however, palm oil carries a high environmental price tag. As conventionally produced, palm oil drives tropical forest and peatland destruction , wiping out habitat for endangered species and contributing to climate change.

The good news is that palm oil doesn't have to come with these unacceptable impacts. New industry standards show that palm oil can be produced in a way that protects tropical forests, peatlands, and our atmosphere—and some companies in the palm oil supply chain have begun to commit to the new standards. The bad news is that these forward-looking companies are still in the minority. Many more are relying on the inadequate standards set by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO , while some companies have yet to commit to any palm oil standards.

To highlight the limitations of current efforts and persuade more companies to adhere to the new industry standards, UCS analyzed the 10 largest firms in each of three different sectors—packaged food, personal care, and fast food—and scored them on the extent of their global commitments to use palm oil that is deforestation-free, peat-free, and traceably and transparently sourced.

SIMP vows to practice a zero burning policy for land clearing as well as to maintain biodiversity. Based in Indonesia, Astra-Agro has called this country home for the past 30 years — this company is a regular in most lists comprising of the top 10 Indonesian palm oil companies. They own , hectares of palm oil plantations and collaborate with 51, oil palm smallholders organized in 2, farmer groups. To remain a sustainable palm oil producer, Astra-Agro implemented the Corporate Social Responsibility CSR program that contributes to improving the community and environment in Indonesia.

In the company produced 3. This company is based in Indonesia but is a subsidy under the major agricultural corporation , Golden Agri Resources. They are currently in the midst of developing new palm oil seeds that will potentially increase palm oil yields to more than 10 tonnes of crude palm oil per hectare per year from the current capability of about 7. Dharma Satya Nusantara is an agri-business that focuses on palm oil production in Indonesia. Dharma Satya owns 7 palm oil mills that produce tonnes per hour, as well as own one kernel crushing plant with an output of tonnes of palm kernel oil per day.

Like other palm oil companies, Dharma Satya focuses on sustainability. Global Palm Oil Industry Overview: Indonesia is in Lead. London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk, also known as Lonsum , manages , hectares of land in Indonesia for their agri-business , which includes palm oil plantations. They own 38 company estates and 24 smallholder estates. In London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk planted 94, hectares of oil palms and produced , tonnes of crude palm oil.

PT Socfin Indonesia Socfindo is a subsidiary of the Socfin Group , with 38, hectares of cultivated land and a total of 9 p alm oil plantations in Indonesia.