Pro Germany Citizens' Movement


The leadership of Pro Cologne decided on March 7, to dissolve the organization. Our global portfolio is filled with happy enterprises.

Can you compete in the digital economy?

Are you interested in innovative products and services from the world of convenience and beverage specialized trade? Meet interesting people, discover something new and visit us in Nuremberg on the 26st and 27th of September PRO FachHANDEL is unique as it offers a concentration of decision-makers from all specialist retailers, sales and marketing managers as well as interested representatives of the specialist trade.

The established communication platform creates an array of opportunities for trade and industry, for doing business, creating new business ideas and developing successful strategies.

An unmissable event for the entire sector. Beer is on everyone lips. Last year more than 30 exhibitors showed their innovative products.

Various sorts and styles of beer can be sampled in a relaxed atmosphere. The list can be exported as PDF 8. Departures, arrivals and favourite locations are automatically recognized and protocolled by checking the distance to the last location every minute. Low battery consumption because GPS just turns on every minute, records your location, and turns off again.

An electronic logbook is recognized by the tax office: You must add the reason for the trip as a note. You need to select the drives accordingly as a Business or Private. When exporting as PDF, you can add the driver and the license plate as the name. The activities are only stored locally on the phone, it has only the smartphone owner access the data.

No registration - the app runs independently on the smartphone Needed Permissions: Geocoding of locations and showing Google-Maps Autostart: By extracting transformational insight from three decades of gathered data, we make the selling process smarter, more personalized and always profitable. Think of our science and industry teams as empathy experts: Our global portfolio is filled with happy enterprises. Las Vegas May Meet the dynamic AI platform powering commerce in the digital economy.

Yours has always been ours. The world has changed. Can you compete in the digital economy?