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It is very hard not to see her as often as I would like. Acting as translator at the Italian Restaurant when the folks from the nearby housing area wanted pizza delivery--came with the territory.

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I am sixteen months younger. We are now 65 and 66 years old. We met for the first time in July I got off the train in Bad Neustadt an der Saale and flew into his arms leaving all the luggage for my husband to pick up! From that moment on I felt like I was really home for the first time in my life! I went alone in July and spent five weeks with my dear brother.

He is the sweetest and most loving man. He drove me all over Bavaria, and we laughed and cried and ate wonderful food! Ice cream, breads and pork dishes, and so many yummy things I don't even know the names of, but they were wonderfully delicious.

I feel completely at home and thoroughly happy when I am in Germany and with my brother. I will go again this summer and enjoy another five weeks! First of all I miss my brother, then the wonderful breads, and ice cream! Being able to sit outside and enjoy watching the people walk by and getting to know his friends. I enjoy the slower pace. My brother won't let me rush around like I have to do at home. Anyway, it has been a dream come true and there is much more to the story if you would like to chat on email.

My email address is: My name is Susie P. Petra - female form of Peter after my brother, and Josie after our mother Josefine Susie. I fell in love with just about everything in that country and even though I was born and raised in Texas, I feel like Germany is my home.

Sometimes I miss it so much I get a bit home sick. I received a bday gift from this site by some good family friends I've known for about 6 years now. I was given some of my favorite foods and drinks that I haven't had since I've been stationed back in the states.

I am so grateful to them and I hope to return home to Germany one day for good. Ich vermisse das Datenschutzgesetz und ähnliches. Ich vermisse meine Freunde und Familie, und die ähnlichen Ansichten, die ich mit ihnen teile. Aufschnitt, gute Butter und Quark. Die Weihnachtsmärkte zur Weihnachtszeit und St. Ich habe die meiste Zeit meines Erwachsenenleben in Köln gewohnt. Ich vermisse hervorragende öffentliche Verkehrsmittel, wo ich auch meine Hund ohne Schwierigkeiten mitnehmen kann.

Ich vermisse die Hundefreundlichkeit. Bin seit in den USA und war bereits 50 Jahre alt, als ich immigiert bin. Habe meinen Mann im Internet getroffen. Was wir vermissen, machen wir möglich. Unsere Texaner lieben unsere Kultur, viele essen jetzt mit Messer und Gabel. Mal diese Seite und finde es sehr interessant was alle vermissen. Die Umstellung war, man konnte nirgends zu Fuss hingehen.

Da wir oft in Urlaub nach Deutschland flogen, wir sind aus Köln zu Hause, haben wir weniger Heimweh gehabt. Wir gehören zu einem Deutschklub und feiern die Feste, wie sie fallen wie man so schön sagt. Um aber zum Thema "was ich vermisse" zu kommen, 1. Aber, wenn man fast 50 Jahre im Land ist, gibt es auch sehr viele Dinge, die man hier geniest und nimmt alles wahr, wenn man wieder in Köln ist.

Die Gemütlichkeit, die Spaziergänge, das Essen, besonders meine Brezel, ich komme aus dem Schwabenland. Auch vermisse ich das Weihnachtsfest und Ostern, das sind die Feiertage welche man hier ganz anders feiert oder gar nicht feiert, leider. Sincerely, 1SG Retired R. I would visit my Oma on summer vacations during high school in the '80's.

No one spoke English and my German was extremely limited. I loved that I could make my Oma laugh by lovingly imitating her shaking the enormous feather bedding out the windows. I also remember the time my Oma was extremely upset that I locked the closet door with the skeleton key and the key was stuck because I used the wrong key.

Oma had to call a locksmith and she was mad. I didn't need to know German to know that. It's a part of me. My first trip was when I was 2 and now I am Germans are very hardworking, special people. I dedicate this to my family in Germany and all the Germans. God bless you all! However, my reason for writing this time is the post by Karin about not being able to purchase Eierlikör. I used to be able to get it in New England and then I was not.

So, my mother sent me a recipe and I have been making my own ever since. In case any of you are interested and would like to give it a try, here it is: Cork the bottle and let stand for one week in a cool place I put it in the fridge after one week open it and wipe away the fat which will have accumulated on the top and re-cork.

It will last about 3 months. Never does in my house! I make several other liqueurs for Christmas so if any of you are interested in recipes, e-mail me direct. Mich rühren die vielen lieben Beiträge. I was born in Canada to European parents, and mom moved the family back to Germany as she missed the culture and lifestyle so much. I wanted to re-discover living here and speaking English. What I miss from Germany more than the food is the lifestyle which every other comment here lists in detail!

And most of all I miss my friends, especially those from the U. Well, those that chose to embrace Europe, learn the language, live off base and learn the language. They were a mix of both cultures which are part of me. When they began to be recalled in the mid 80's to 90's, it was heart-breaking. I moved from Hamburg to the Odenwald by Heidelberg, and now live in Canada.

I speak German constantly and even teach it as a private tutor, which helps with the homesickness for the culture. If anybody would like to reminisce here is my e-mail: I also miss the Brötchen , the smells and probably everything about Frankfurt.

Just found you now. I am from Hanau and I am in Texas since I used to go to the Markt and had a Glühwein or two, heissen Apfelwein, und Rostbratwurst or just looked at the merchandise the sellers displayed. I guess I am like all the other Germans who live here now missing our Brötchen, Brot, Torten, Wurstwaren, Hackfleischbrötchen and Bier and the good selection of Wein you could buy all over Germany.

Thank you GermanDeli for being in Texas, you are not far from me. Das Essen, richtiges Bier. Eine Schwäbin in America für 33 Jahre.

Wenn ich wieder zurückgehen könnte in Zeit würde ich Deutschland nicht verlassen. Ich bekomme immer zeitlang fur die alte Heimat. Es ist so schön und sehr festig mit Christkindelmarkt und alle sehr gute Sachen. Ich mache mein Weihnachtsbaum ziemlich wie die alte Zeit zuhause mit meiner Eltern und Geschwistern. Immer um diese Zeit, denke ich viel an zuhause und wie schon und fröhlich es immer war, aber naja die Zeiten haben sich viel verändert. So Weihnachten ist auch ein schones Familien fest.

Für Alle wunsche ich alles fröhliches und ein sehr Gutes Neues Jahr. We moved to Germany again after her being in the USA for 13 years in in the same area she was from. I loved every moment of my childhood while living the German lifestyle, and of course meeting my German relatives was the greatest experience of my life. The country side is breath-taking, the people are lovely, and so friendly.

I since have gone back twice with my husband to visit family and tour the scenic areas of Germany. It has changed so much from the 70's to now. My beautiful German mother has since gone to Heaven and each time I visit the most beautiful place on earth my mother goes with me both in heart and memory.

I am going back in I miss the little bakeries where you could walk in, have a great cup of coffee, a small piece of cake and then get on with your day. In the summer, I miss the ice cream parlors. Of course I go back every once in while and guess what my first stop is. However I am so happy I have found you. Now I can once again enjoy a fresh Brötchen for breakfast or my favorite, Mohnkuchen.

You have made my life better! Like most everyone, I miss all the good things that Germany has to offer. Everything that you miss, I miss too.

Brötchen, Torte, brot, u. Alles schmeckt lecker in Deutschland. Walking in the woods every Sunday, kaffee und kuchen mit schlagsahne. Der Weihnachtsbaum mit echte candles. I was born in Karlsruhe to Russian parents. From there, I have lived in Canada and Alaska and finally ended up as a retired police officer, in Arkansas.

My Foster parents owned two Lebensmittel grocery stores and I was in heaven as I could eat all the candy I wanted. I will travel for several weeks to Germany this Spring. I would love to hear from anyone, as I'm missing Germany so much and everything connected to it. My family is from Spangenberg, and my husband just took me there, we stayed in an apartment in Planegg, and toured out from there, we shopped in the local shops, and ate in the local Gasthauses..

It was dream come true, we only had a week in Germany, but we were able to fit in, my home town, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Neuschwanstein, Nurnberg, Munich, Oktoberfest the Hofbrau Haus, the people, food, just everything.

I hope we will be able to go back and spend more time discovering my heritage. Eigentlich wurde ja schon alles hundert mal genannt, aber was solls. An Essen vermisse ich Rouladen, mit Speck und Gurken. Ich vermisse die deutsche Gemütlichkeit.

Die schönen Weinfeste im Sommer. Durch die Fussgängerzone zu bummeln auf Kopfsteinpflaster. Heiligabend im Kreis der Familie. Und mit meinen Eltern im Wald spazieren, Kastanien sammeln. Dann im Gasthaus einkehren, bei deftiger Erbsensuppe mit Würstchen und frischem Schwarzbrot. Schreibt mir, wenn ihr meine Wehmut teilt: But, I think I miss the culture the most, which of course includes the food!

I studied in Baden-Wurttemberg, so for me, I miss Schwäbisch food the most esp. I just have so many good memories rooted with my times in Germany, and with my German friends that there's not much I look back on and don't miss.

To me, it was a time where I really grew to finally trust and like myself. I wouldn't mind hearing from anyone if they're interested in talking more, my email is snow at gmail dot com. Marzipan is the culmination of Western Civilization! Not democracy, not Beethoven, but Marzipan. I miss being able to get perfect bread anywhere you go. Eine Bierchen in ehren darf Niemand verwehren! My husband is from Massachusetts so this is where we lived for a few years then we moved to New Hampshire until I never planned to remain in the US but wanted to live in different countries all over the world before settling down somewhere so I did not miss anything much at first but as we kept postponing and postponing moving to somewhere else things changed.

However, there was a great German butcher in Lynn Massachusetts where we could get all the cold cuts and sausages we were used to, which helped. At a home show in Boston we purchased a Bosch kitchen machine and I occasionally baked my own bread since back then all the stores carried was the white, tasteless Wonder bread.

I also learned to cook all the dishes I missed like Rouladen, Goulash etc. Then through German Life magazine I discovered where we ordered things after Karl's children took over the butcher shop and it changed. Now we live in Marietta, Georgia with a large German community.

There is even a German church in Atlanta. There is also a great Polish butcher in Austell where we shop for Leberkäse, dbl. I belong to three different Kaffeeklatsch groups which all meet once a month and I joined the Atlanta Sängerkreis and we perform, wearing Dirndl and Lederhosen at local Oktoberfest, spring festivals and around Christmas at senior living facilities.

We have practice every other week so I get to socialized with lots of Germans and German speaking people, reminisce about foods we grew up and other childhood experiences which is lots of fun. Now that I am retired I bake bread once a month using my Bosch.

It holds enough batter for 4 loaves. I also make Zwiebelkuchen, Spätzle, Blechkuchen mit Zwetschgen as well as Zwetschgenknödel and Weissweinbowle the way my parents made it, I bake Schwarzwälder Kirschkuchen, Wienerschnitzel on Christmas Eve only as veal is too expensive for every day, Glühwein and Feuerzangenbowle, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, I even started to make Marillenknödel this year and Maultaschen.

After all this I do miss Germany, the history, the Sunday walks in the woods with a stop at a Gasthaus for coffee, all the different breads, cold cuts, Konditoreien with Sahnekäsekuchen and Erdbeerkäsekuchen, Krokanteier for Easter, Brötchen and Bretzeln.

On the other hand having lived in New England so much longer than in Germany I very much miss it as well, the four seasons, all the snow I loved the climate and scenery in New Hampshire is very similar to Schwaben and the ocean and all the fresh seafood, especially lobster and clams and mussels.

I have not been to Germany since and hope I can make at least one more trip. When we first came to New England my husband started working for an airline so we flew standby every few years to Germany and every summer I took my daughter to spend 5 weeks with my parents, so I got to be there twice a year for many years. I am sure this helped and I was not really homesick since I was back so much.

I would love to hear from others, especially if they also are from either the Sudetenland or Schwaben. My e-mail is ulrikeweywoda at gmail dot com Ulrike. I never knew that voices and melodies could be so beautiful. My husband sang lead tenor for 15 years in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. My favorite opera is The Magic Flute.

I returned to the States after his death but will always miss the culture and friendliness of the German people. My husband was in the Air Force and had to travel a great deal with his job, but we did get to travel some while there.

Don't know if it has changed since then, but we have the fondest memories of that time. I took it for granted until I returned to the states. I loved to drive as fast as I wanted on the Autobahn! I miss Deutsch Marks with beautiful paintings on the currency and 1, 2 and 5 mark coins and vending machines that accepted them. Finally, I miss the food and drink.

Such excellence is hard to find here. Got a lot of Germans here, so I never missing to speak German. I love that bread. Like to hear from more Germans here in the US. E-mail me at hexie21 at sbcglobal dot net. When I was there, you could still get fresh milk and bread delivered to your door daily. I miss the wonderful assortments of wine and beer that are of high quality. I miss how the Oktoberfest tent was always erected directly across the street from my flat and I would get to enjoy the festivities as well.

I miss the magnificent castles and the "old world" feel of the country. I love how Sundays were truly observed as a day of worship and rest. I miss driving on the autobahn. Wir sind nach Amerika gezogen. Ein glass Wein hört sich gut an. Ich bin von einem kleinem Dorf in Bayern, 40 km südlich von München und ich denke jeden Tag an zuHause.

Meine Geschwister sind alle noch dort, nur ich bin hier, aber ich habe meine Familie hier. Ja, ich kann es hier auch bekommen aber es schmeckt einfach anders zu Hause I miss being able to say "Guten Tag" to anyone and have them say it back.

I miss seeing the family who lived behind us and that they always took time to talk to us and truly liked their American neighbors. When we left, they cried, as we all did. We miss the comfort of seeing our neighbors daily, walking to the bakery down the street and having a cup of decent coffee at the outdoor seating area.

We miss going to our favorite Italian restaurant and having genuine Italian food, and them knowing what we would like before we told them.

Acting as translator at the Italian Restaurant when the folks from the nearby housing area wanted pizza delivery--came with the territory. We miss the closeness and the fact that we could count on all of our friends and neighbors to make us feel at home. I will always be more German than I am American in my heart.

Quality of life is the sum of the many little and enjoyable moments that make life worth living. I read the comments from Gabriele and Len from Augsburg I have been here for many years, some of my family is still in Augsburg. All the places you mentioned I been there. I live now in the state of Colorado very close to the Rocky Mountains.

I am originally from Colombia and lived in Munich for about 6 months learning German. I can honestly say I did not learn much German but I learned that the people from Germany are the most amazing and the most fun people to be around and I can't wait until the day when I go back to Deutschland to be with all of them again.

Several items in particular. Having had to travel to England on business for a week on May 8th. I took advantage of the closeness to Germany and flew on to Frankfurt on May 17th.

There I rented a car and drove on to Wurzburg to visit dear friends who I had not seen since Although I had only one day to visit, it was wonderful. Paging through the magazine I came across the advertisement of GermanDeli. I went to their web page and found that they offer both of these items So I placed an order and am now awaiting its delivery. If I am pleased with the result, which I believe I will be, I will place future orders for these and other items I have not been able to purchase locally.

Now if I could only finds a local source for broetchen, those wonderful German breakfast rolls. Sie hatten eine tolle Schallplattenbar in den Obergeschossen und als Teenager in den 60'ern war das so erwachsen nach der Schule Maria Theresia Gymn. Ich erinnere mich noch an die breiten Marmor Treppen, aber ich glaube es gab keine Rolltreppen nur einen grossen Aufzug.

Die Glocken von der Moritzkirche und das kreischen der Strassenbahn als sie ums Eck fuhr Zuerst auswählen und dann wurde es elegant serviert von der Kellnerin.

Danach luaga window shopping im Porzellan Haus Müller, bei Salamander, auf der anderen Strassenseite zum Goldpfeil um eine schicke Handtasche oder eine neue Geldbörse. In den fruehen 60'er Jahren war der Rathausplatz noch unbegehbar Bombenangriff und ein grosser Krater befand sich wo man heute Veranstalltungen feiert.

I have left Augsburg in for California but have visited a few times since then. Real Meissen porcelains for sale. Homemade lebkucken in the Konditorei at Christmas. Hardware stores that have fine German-made tools not from China. Watching the homeless people sweeping the streets with their corn brooms and dustpans. Watching the homeless people having Brats und Senf at lunch and sharing a beer with the government supervisor.

Scheduling the Techem Clorius representative to replace the heating radiator usage devices in my apartment. And the respect that the people showed for themselves and for those around them was the most important. There was never a time when someone would play their music so loud that the neighbors complained. Nobody on the street would whistle or make rude remarks to a pretty girl.

I never heard of someone who had their purse stolen or their house broken into. All My Best, Len A. Den Dom--gib's nicht im vergleich. Dienstagabends bie Familie Schliesser. Der Burgerbusch im Leverkusen. Echte Freunde, die "ston-zusamme'. Ein Krakauer vom Holzkohlgrill--mit einem guten Kolsch! So viel, so viel. Mit Heimveih, der Mark. I was only able to get it one time by dealing directly with a distributor, thru a local liquor store.

If you ever find another way that works please post it. I agree with you: Eggnog needs a lot of help and is too sweet for my taste. Da ich selbst schon längere Zeit in den Staaten war, kann ich die Sehnsucht nach der "Heimat" mancher Schreiber durchaus nachvollziehen - ist nicht abwertend gemeint! Die Amerikanische Kultur habe ich auch sehr geschätzt, jedoch ist es zuhause einfach am schönsten. Werde öfters mal vorbeischauen My youngest daughter was born in Wiesbaden.

I worked at Chi-Chi's Restaurant in Mainz on the housing base. The people, the food, the Christmas season, there is nothing like it, the atmosphere, the Christmas Markts, the Glühwein, going to Neuschwanstein, the cobblestone streets, walk platz, volksmarch's, Kinder Eggs, the clean country and of course the autobahn.

I could go on forever! Where can you drive at speeds of mph and never worry about an accident or a ticket? One day I will return, until then I would love to find anyone that worked at Chi-Chi's or was in Mainz at the time.

Email me at mitchell at yahoo dot com. Ich lebe jetzt in Illinois und auch in Arizona. Würde mich über emails freuen, vor allem von Deutschen mit denen ich mich auch Mal treffen könnte.

Rita Naduah 1 at gmail dot com. My father and our family were stationed there from to I miss it so. The food, people were fantastic. What a great country. My e-mail is pashook at hotmail dot com. Love to be a pen pal to someone! Ich heisse Ilona und komme aus Herzogenaurach, das liegt ca.

Ich vermisse meine Familie und meine Freunde, auch das gute Essen. Ich wohne jetzt in Lawton, OK, hoffe doch mal in eure Gegend zu kommen und dann einen Besuch abzustatten. Alles Liebe und Gute. Thanks to stores like GermanDeli at least I can get a taste of home all year long.

Just reading the comments made me homesick especially with Christmas being so close. I miss Christmas time, the fresh bread and Brötchen I grew up in Lörrach right next to a bakery. The list goes on and on. We were stationed in Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Augsburg, and Karlsruhe. Now I live in South-East Tennessee since 20 years. With VW and another German company having plants in the Chattanooga area, we hope that someday we will get an authentic German restaurant and bakery.

At least we got an ALDI now. I travel to Germany and Switzerland every few years and so do my sons 23 and I want to make sure they know their German heritage.

I have a German flag in my office and pictures from Germany, and they all know that I am proud to be a German. Yes, I miss Germany and as I get older, I miss it even more. I also miss just getting together with family and going for a walk on Sunday afternoon.

If anybody wants to write me, my email address is lmurch at aol dot com. Vor allem in der Weihnachtszeit. Ich fühle mich so alleine, vor allem an Weihnachten, es ist eben alles so anders hier.

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn jemand mit dem gleichen Heimweh, vielleicht aus Minnesota, mit mir Verbindung aufnehmen würde. Danke schon mal im voraus Inge C. Und was ich vemisse? Na so ziemlich alles, aber nach fast 30 Jahren hier werde ich meine Zelte bald abbrechen und nach zunächst 3 Jahren in Nürnberg wieder irgendwo in die Gegend zwischen Brannenburg — Rosenheim — Salzburg ziehen. Habe schon angefangen zu packen, zu entrümpeln und muss dann noch Haus und Grund verkaufen.

Weihnachten dann endlich wieder in den Bergen; das fehlte mir schon am meisten. Isn't is weird how you can live here forever and yet they never actually consider you a local? Well, I miss everything, my family, my friends, and of course like everyone on this site, the German food. We do have a German restaurant that is pretty authentic, but as for baked goods, you have to be a pretty good baker to get it right. I was in Germany this summer to visit my siblings there parents no longer living.

It was certainly not the same as it used to be. Meine Siedlung was totally different with people living there whom I did not know. My sister just lost the family home due to a divorce, how sad! But I did get to sleep there a few nights for the last time.

I am from Düsseldorf. Write me if you like and we can share stories: Ich vermisse meine Heimat soooo sehr und habe vor, wenn ich irgendwann einmal nicht mehr arbeite, dass ich zurück nach Augsburg ziehe.

Vielleicht möchte sich jemand mit mir in Verbindung setzen, ich würde mich freuen. Ok bis dann tschuess und frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch in's Neue Jahr! Meine email ist Z-4 dot Lady at comcast dot net. Wohne seit dem Jahr in den USA. Idaho Falls, Idaho ist nun mein zu Hause. Obwohl ich mich hier sehr wohlfühle, vermisse ich Deutschland, ganz besonders jetzt in der Weihnachtszeit.

Wie gerne würde ich mal wieder auf einen schönen Weihnachtsmarkt gehen und einen Glühwein trinken. Natürlich kann man das auch hier, es ist aber doch nicht so ganz wie "daheim". Natürlich vermisse ich wie viele andere hier, die Brötchen, Brot, gute Wurstwaren und soviel mehr Sachen, wo ich natürlich froh bin dass es GermanDeli gibt, da kann man sich selber des öfteren verwöhnen.

Ich habe auch hier einen deutschen Freundeskreis was toll ist, bei jedem Treffen ist man der Heimat dann viel näher. Auch würde ich mich freuen wenn mir jemand schreiben möchte, hier meine Anschrift inge27 underscore at yahoo dot de. Geboren in Hamburg immigrated von Koblenz. Ich träumte immer davon ein eigenes Haus und vielleicht Pferde zu haben und habe diesen Traum hier erriecht bis ich in meiner Scheidung alles 'verlor'.

Meine Kinder waren klein wenn wir hier her kamen und meine kleine Maus is nun 11 Jahre alt und ist in Round Rock Texas geboren. Sie ist Texan down to the bones, aber für Marzipan, Roggenbrot, Bratwurst und andere gute und leckere Dinge von Deutschland lässt sie viele fake Produkte von hier stehen. Schade das ich bis jetzt mir nicht hab' leisten können öfter nach Deutschland für Urlaub zu gehen aber das kann ich ja vielleicht nachholen. Hier at GermanDeli habe ich die deutsche Gründlichkeit schätzen gelernt was mir in Deutschland manchmal 'auf den Kittel' ging und wenn ich es mir leisten kann bin ich immer hier um mir mal ein gutes Stück Heimat schicken zu lassen.

Meine e-mail ist rolfhotrod at yahoo dot com und ich würde mich freuen mal was von jemandem zu hören. Thanks GermanDeli for this chance to communicate. You are doing a great job hier.

Würde mich über emails freuen: We first went to Germany on September 10, We flew out of Philadelphia and when we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on September 11th, we had no idea what the USA was going through with the destruction of the Twin Towers.

After we talked with family in the US and were reassured they were okay, we were able to begin our 17 day trip. My mother-in-law was a pediatrician at Ramstein airbase and she showed us around Germany. I first fell in love with the breakfast of Germany. I loved the hard rolls with cheese, sausages and ham. I couldn't eat enough of it! The beauty of Germany was simply breathtaking. We traveled through the Black Forest and also went to Munich and then down through Switzerland and finally ended in Tuscany.

We went back to Germany again in March with my parents and again went on a 17 day trip touring Germany, Switzerland and Italy. These trips were so wonderful and I hated leaving all the wonderful food and beautiful places.

Hopefully one day, my husband and I will be able to travel to Germany again. We think about it often and I dream of the food. I was so happy to find GermanDeli. I know my husband and I will enjoy them thoroughly!!! Thanks for making the foods of Germany available to customers in the US. Ich vermisse meine Sprache, das gute Essen, den herrlichen Duft in deutschen Bäckereien und Metzgereien, Sahnetorten, Bienenstich, Maultaschen, Kohlroladen, Fleischkäse, Würstle, deutsche Schockolade und vieles vieles mehr Ich vermisse die wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit, die Weihnachtsmärkte, die frischen Düfte von Tannenbaum und Glühwein.

Ich wohne hier mit meinem amerikanischen Mann und habe 5 Kinder im Alter zwischen 4 und Ich habe sehr oft Heimweh und fühle mich oft sehr einsam. Wer mir mal schreiben möchte, ich würde mich sehr darüber freuen. Wir hatten 10 harte Jahre, da nur mein Mann arbeitet und in den letzten 4 Jahren durch die schlechte Wirtschaft hatte er immer wieder Zeiten, wo er nicht beschäftigt war.

Ich war seit 10 Jahren nicht zu Hause. Meine Eltern kommen bis jetzt noch jedes Jahr, habe meine Schwester seit 10 Jahren nicht gesehen und mein Heimweh wächst von Jahr zu Jahr mehr. There was an overwhelming sense of peace, serenity, and utter joy at being able to visit the land of my ancestors and feeling absolutely at home in a foreign land. I absolutely can not get enough of all things German. It will forever be a piece of me as I left a part of my heart there.

Ich komme aus Kolbermoor in Bayern. Mein Name ist Erika. Ich vermisse meine Berge, meine Verwanten und Bekannte. Bin in Amerika schon 45 Jahre, aber habe noch immer Heimweh. Vor allem vermisse ich die bayerische Kost wie Apfelstrudel, Schweinbraten und so weiter.

Meine email Adresse ist erikabehler at hotmail. Ich würde mich freuen von wem zu horen. Bin in Amerika seit I just got back from Germany. Alles ist noch daselbe.

Das einzige mir nicht gefällt war der Euro. Wohne in Houston, Texas. Bin bei mein Tochter für Thanksgiving.

Sie wohnt in Orange, Texas, nähe Houston. Vermisse an meistens mein Bayernland wie bist du schön! My father was stationed there and I absolutely fell in love with it! The food, the people, the surroundings — it was definitely an experience I still carry with me today. I am going for the first time today and can hardly contain myself!! I visited the website and practically started crying when I saw all the things I remembered and called my mother to tell her everything I planned to buy.

I can not tell you how much finding you means to me, especially at this time of year. I had the opportunity to experience Christmas there and now I can have a little bit of it to take home with me this year.

I was born in the Schwabenland. My hometown is Wendlingen am Neckar. I came to the U. Wow, das war eine lange Zeit her. I love living here in the States. My family and I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yes, I will forever be a German.

Even though I was very young coming to a new country, somehow I cook with a "German Twist". I have recently discovered GermanDeli and have been trying new things. I really like both countries, maybe it is because I am lucky to go back often, and we have families to come and visit us often. I just wish we would have you in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If anyone would want to respond to me, my email is renate underscore peterson at yahoo dot com. My name is Marga. And what I miss in Germany is everything. I have lived for 20 years in Nürnberg and then moved to California. For 20 years, I was lucky enough to be able to go back twice a year. I always went in the summer and then around Christmas time.

Nürnberg has a world famous Christkindel markt. Oh the smell and all the decorations are hard to forget. Now I am too old to travel, but I did have my last visit 3 years ago. Well I am getting ahead of myself. I am now living in Canada. I wanted to go back to Germany, but finances did not allow that. I still have 2 sisters in Nürnberg and miss them a lot. So I shop at the GermanDeli a lot except when you purchase something between the shipping and import tax, it gets very expensive.

But I still do it and count on it for my own Christmas present.. Well I think Heimweh kann man nicht vergessen. I can't find a butcher in Ontario that has German meat or wurst. Habe einen gelust auf Kalbsnieren braten aber kann keinen finden Well, I am glad that a lot of people get Heimweh.

Christmas here or in the States is just not the same. If there is someone living in Nürnberg or Fürth, please write me. My email address is mixem2 at rogers dot com. I'd love to here from you. This time of the year, I get really homesick. I still have 2 children and 3 grandchildren living in California, so this time of the year is very hard for me.

I was born in Pirmasens, Germany. I married my husband, an American, and moved with him to Lincoln, NE in ! I miss my family and the friends I left behind! The food and the wonderful forests. My e-mail is rktressler at windstream dot net. Vermisse alles aus Deutschland, meine Familie und meine Freunde.

Ich vermisse die Schwäbische Sprache. Den warmen Zwiebelkuchen und den Most. Ich vermisse den Schwarzwald und die Schwäbische Alb. Die wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit, mit dem echten Tannenbaum und den echten Kerzen.

Den Weihnachtsmarkt mit gebrannten Mandeln und Glühwein. Nun muss ich aber wirklich weinen. Ja das Heimweh geht nie weg, man kann die Heimat nicht verpflanzen und Deutschland wird immer meine Heimat sein egal wielange ich hier wohne.

I was born in Koblenz, Germany. When I was a child I missed my grandmother so much. I never got to see her or my other grandparents again. They all passed away when I was still a child. Although I am a U. The biggest thing that I have always missed about Germany is the Christmas season. I love Christmas, but every year as it approaches I feel let down.

There is no feeling like Christmas in Germany. I miss it so much. I live in Ontario, Canada, but all my family live in Germany, in the Koblenz area. I have been thinking of relocating myself to Germany. As a child I went to Germany every summer. I fell in love with the country, as well as my family over there. I miss everything about the country. I love the lifestyle, culture, the people.

It just seems to be more laid back then here. I hope I can relocate soon. I would like to be able to have a job first and that seems to be what stops me from my dream.

If anyone out there knows how I should go about this — you can contact me through this site. Lebe hier in Florida. Ich vermisse Alles, meine Familie, das gute Essen.

Spaziergänge in den Wald. I have a question for any one- One of our citizens just returned from Germany, and said a nice addition for the Fest would be Glühwein. The only problem is our visitors are both old and young, and some of the young could not drink it. Do you suppose Glühwein could be made with grapejuice? I see GermanDeli has a can with the ingredients, so it would not be hard. BTW, I just made a order from GermanDeli for Roggenbrötchen, and other things, and we just enjoy all of the special treats we get from them.

My wife is from Kolbermoor, Bayern, and we visit at least every other year. Thanks for any answers. I miss the hospitality, the food, the beer, but most of all Germany. I loved it there! Quite a few of my friends married German girls and stayed on. I left in , and haven't been back since. But I will one day. My eyes were really opened on to how to live. Being American, I was used to commercialism, pre-fab buildings, and of course the car culture.

If I had to pick just one thing that I miss the most, it would be the Christmas Markets. When I first heard of them in '04, I really didn't think much about them because we have bazaars and flea markets here, but I had no idea what I was in for. The first one I visited was in Trier. When I turned the corner and entered the marketplace, I was instantly surrounded by the aroma, sounds, sights, and festivity that is the Christmas Market.

I then spent the better part of two hours trying all the different food and desserts available. Then, of course, I saw the numerous hand made items for sale, all while listening to live music. I will never forget that night. I enjoyed it so much, I went back the next night and did it all over again! My wife and I went to at least three every year. We visited the markets in Köln, Bonn, and Trier most often. We felt like children again every time we visited. Many cities try, but it just isn't the same.

If you'd like to reach me, my email address is tncbass at yahoo dot com. I have been reading everyone's entry, and I have determined that we are all in the same boat. Ich bin die Erta aus Thüringen, und ich bin hier in Amerika seit Wir wohnen ausserhalb Valley Forge, in Pennsylvania. Mein Mann und ich haben gerade unsere Goldene Hochzeit gefeiert. Ich bin öfters nach Deutschland zurück in den letzten 30 Jahren, doch seit konnte ich nicht mehr reisen.

Und natürlich vermisse ich es sehr. Ich bin nur dankbar für manche Deutsche Esswaren, die man nun in Amerika kaufen kann, vor allem die Wurst, das Brot und die Schokolade. Lebkuchen und Deckel Plätzchen.

Liebe Deutsch Freunde, ich will es nur sagen, das Heimweh wird jedes Jahr schlimmer, desto älter man wird und desto länger man von zu Hause weg ist. Ich wünsche Euch allen alles Gute hier in Amerika. Wenn jemand mal schreiben will, ich würde mich sehr freuen. My mother is German and lived in Miltenberg. Growing up, a lot of kids made fun of my German heritage. I've never been embarrassed by it. In fact, living in Miltenberg is an experience all its own. Famous for its cobblestone streets, castle and lots of history.

I loved every minute of visiting Oma and Opa. This last year, they passed away, which makes me miss Germany even more. I wished I could just up and move there, but I have family here now and my husband would never go for it. He wouldn't even visit when I did go.

I miss everything, even the military planes that used to fly so low. German food or ingredients are impossible to find in Tennessee, so that makes missing the food even worse. Visiting Germany should be on everyone's bucket list. Food will never be the same after you have been there.

Like everyone, I miss my family and some of the food. I recently relocated from upstate NY to south east Arkansas. I'm originally from Erlensee, bei Hanau. Thanks GermanDeli, for giving us a little bit of Home. I was sent to Germany in at the tender age of For those first three years I lived in Aschaffenburg. There were many things to love about A-burg, and fortunately as we get older the bad memories fade and we are left mostly with memories of the good times, and there were many good times in A-burg with all my new young German friends.

After I was there only a year, I met and fell in love with a young German girl from nearby Mainaschaff, and we were married a year later when she was only We remain married to this day, 39 years later, and our first two children were born there, the first in A-bug and the next in Bitburg.

After A-burg we were again sent to Germany, this time in Spangdahlem on the Mosel river, and after those three years we went back to Aschaffenburg where we lived until In all, I spent a decade of my life in Germany, easily learning the language and culture. Many of the German people were not thrilled with the American military presence there, but I believe most understood the need, as we did.

I fell in love with the German people and am very proud of the role that I played while a soldier there in protecting that nation from the possibility of Soviet invasion through the Fulda Gap. Freedom for the German people lives to this day because of our dedication. I would love to hear from anyone who grew up where I am from and especially if they live in or near Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I now live in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I came to the States in and love living here, but I love going back to Straubing for visits. It's the wonderful feeling I get when I hear the Bavarian dialect and smell the air while driving past the perfectly manicured fields. I miss my friends and family and the ability to walk to all the familiar places.

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