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The currency has crashed and risen from the ashes. Bankers, regulators, and law enforcement agencies eye it with suspicion. Posted by Serkan Demirezen at 5: Friday, September 13, Five surprising facts about Bitcoin. This has been a big year for Bitcoin. At the start of the year, interest in the virtual currency was largely limited to technology buffs. Then the price rose more than fold, prompting regulators, investors and the general public to take a closer look.

Here are five of the most interesting observations that the authors, Jerry Brito and Andrea Castillo, make about Bitcoin: Bitcoin isn't exactly anonymous. It's common to describe Bitcoin as anonymous currency, but Brito and Castillo argue that this is a misunderstanding of how Bitcoin works. True, you don't have to provide identifying information to participate in the Bitcoin network. But records of every Bitcoin transaction are stored permanently on the network's shared public transaction register.

As a result, the researchers write, "it is very difficult to stay anonymous in the Bitcoin network. And, they say, "once Bitcoin intermediaries are fully compliant with the bank secrecy regulations required of traditional financial intermediaries, anonymity will be even less guaranteed, because Bitcoin intermediaries will be required to collect personal data on their customers.

Bitcoin regulations are as clear as mud. Bitcoin is sometimes portrayed as a bit of an outlaw currency. But there's a good reason that members of the Bitcoin community sometimes seem to be operating outside the law: Legislators never anticipated the possibility of a fully decentralized payment network like Bitcoin. The legal categories that govern conventional markets simply don't make much sense for Bitcoin, making it difficult for Bitcoin users to figure out how the law applies to them.

For example, the anti-money-laundering agency FinCEN has issued guidelines for Bitcoin "users," which it defines as those who acquire Bitcoins to purchase goods and services.

But what if you acquire Bitcoins for some other purpose, like investment or to transfer cash overseas? None of FinCEN's categories seems to fit these individuals.

Similarly, Bitcoin miners, the people who process Bitcoin transactions and are rewarded with new bitcoins, do not fit into any of FinCEN's regulatory categories. Without clear legal guidance, the Bitcoin community has been forced to wing it. Bitcoin is big in Argentina. Argentina is currently suffering from double-digit inflation and strict capital controls.

That has caused Argentine citizens to look for alternative ways to protect the purchasing power of their cash. Volatility isn't necessarily a big deal for Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been known to lose as much as 80 percent of its value in a matter of days.

A number of commentators have argued that this volatility makes it a poor currency. But Brito and Castillo argue that this conventional wisdom is wrong. It's true that if a country adopted Bitcoin as its official currency, that could produce economic turmoil as the fluctuating value produced inflation and recessions.

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Besuchen Sie unsere Webseite http: Und noch ein Tip: Abonnieren Sie unseren YouTube Kanal http: Handelssysteme im Check - Live - Jeden Mittwoch um This concept makes for the most breathtaking scenary of the Belek forest. New Luxury Resort in Belek. The new five star all-inclusive luxury resort will be named as Titanic Deluxe Belek and ise being developed on The New address of luxury and magnifience in the most popular holiday destination of Turkey.

Open in doors to guests in June at facilities including a 3, square meter spa center , sea-view rooms, a mini club offering unlimited fun for kids.. Beleks newest Grand Hotel with exceptional rooms all being suites, the Maxx Royal opened its doors in Mai With its own course the Montgomerie Maxx Royal only a short walk, this is another 5 star luxurious Golf Hotel that makes for a 5 star golf holiday in Belek.

The hotel, operating on an All Inclusive system, is situated on an area of It offers a unique scene where blue and green become one. A new addition to Beleks? Sentido Zeynep Golf Resort is modern, stylish and has spacious rooms and a social environment.

The Kaya Belek hotels golf course Kaya-Eagles is just a short walk and one of the best in Belek for holiday golfers as the course is a perfect design for all handicaps.

In order to grant our guests a pleasant stay, our Ultimate All Inclusive" concept starts with a warm welcome to our guests upon arrival by offering them Turkish traditional sweet called "cezerye" and a glass of Turkish sweet fruit drink called "sherbet". The Calista Luxury Resort describes itself as 'where the nature merges with the blue sea among the pine trees' something which can be applied to most if not all Belek hotels but with its extensive garden areas surrounding the buildings of the hotel and the sea views