Tax deductions – 10 tips for minimizing your tax burden


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If the employer offers subsidized meals, this figure drops to 1, francs per year or 7. Premiums for health, accident, life and pension insurance can be deducted up to a certain amount. For direct federal tax, the maximum deduction allowed is 1, francs for single tax payers, or 3, francs for married tax payers and those in registered partnerships. Contributions to public or exclusively non-profit organizations can be deducted from your taxable income.

The total contributions may not exceed 20 per cent of your net income. Money paid into a pillar 3a account is also tax-deductible. The maximum deduction for the tax year is 6, francs for employed persons. You can work out how much you can save here. Contributions to the second pillar may also be deducted. If any medical costs paid for out of your own pocket exceed a certain portion of your income, you can deduct them from your tax return.

You might be able to claim for dental treatment, for example. However, the limit is usually set quite high — in most cantons, it is 5 per cent of your net income.

You can also deduct additional expenses arising as a result of a disability. You can reduce your taxable income by including any interest paid on mortgages and personal loans, but not the repayments. Leasing costs are not allowed either. The cost of childcare by a nanny or at daycare is tax-deductible. Again, there is a maximum limit and parents must provide proof of payment.

For direct federal tax, the limit is 10, francs per child per year. A social deduction can be claimed for children and other dependants. For direct federal tax, the amount is 6, francs per child. Alimony and maintenance payments to ex-partners and children are tax-deductible. Maintenance payments intended for children can be deducted up to and including the month in the which the child comes of age.

In most cantons, the tax return must be submitted by the end of March. This deadline can be extended provided you apply for the extension on time. You can do this by submitting a request with reasons provided at your local tax office.

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