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Building new in vivo models of human prostate cancer progression by manipulation of cyclin D1 and PTEN.

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Application of zircon to magmatic investigations: Exploring effects of magmatic-tectonic interplay on silicic magma genesis in Iceland; II. The epithelial IL4 receptor signaling axis mediates enhanced breast and colon tumor growth and metastasis. Banton, Caree Ann Marie. A Description of Post-Graduation U. Dietary and protein modifiers of colitis-associated carcinoma: Barrientos Quezada, Tomas Jose.

The Royal Palace of Cancuen: El Bildungsroman de la postmodernidad literaria: Nuevos sentidos de la pertenencia y del desarraigo en la novela y el cine hispanos del siglo XXI. Three essays on gender wage discrimination, female labor force participation and the returns of private and public education in urban Peru, Mechanisms of Disease and Signal Transduction.

Therapeutic inhibition of the Wnt signaling pathway to promote regenerative repair of tissue injury. Rapid Synthesis by Rational Design: The Invisible Presence of Trans- Bodies: Beavins Tracy, Rachel Anne.

Holocene environmental change recorded in lagoonal sediment proxies at Huaca Prieta, north coastal Peru. Religious Conversions in Nineteenth-Century Germany: When daddies and babies fight back: The processes of stigmatization and destigmatization in online news coverage of Sugar Dating. The application of umpolung amide synthesis to the enantioselective synthesis of dihydroxyamides.

Development of novel poly glycidol hydrogels for applications in regenerative medicine and drug delivery. Mechanistic Insights into Fosfomycin Resistance: Object detection and localization using approximate nearest neighbor search: Seed-based correlation analysis and instantaneous global correlation analysis for resting state fMRI.

Bell, Mary Therese Laske. Risk Orientation and Risk-Taking Behavior: Interactive and Longitudinal Effects on Depressive Symptoms. A biphasic role for the voltage-gated sodium channel scn5Lab in cardiac development of zebrafish. Benning, Ronald Tony Alan, Jr. Alliances, arms transfers and military aid: Analysis methodology of synchrony in simultaneously recorded single unit activity in the visual cortex.

Caring for veterans after a suicide attempt: Bernsen , Charles Jay. Engineering of novel fuel cell cathode interfaces with surface-initiated ionomer films based on modified polynorbornene. Berry, Cynthia Gayle Bollinger.

Parental Psychopathology and Youth Coping: Bichell, Terry Jo Vetters. A multiproxy approach to tracking aridity across Australian landscapes using brushtail possums Marsupialia: Design of the peer agent for multi-robot communication in an agent-based robot control architecture.

The structural diversity of metal binding sites in bacterial metalloproteins: Role of PAK2 promoting intrinsic tumor cell motility and worsening patient outcomes in non-small cell lung cancer. Direct ionization-induced transient fault analysis for combinational logic and sequential capture in digital integrated circuits for lightly-ionizing environments.

Pattern identification of multiple cell upsets in static random access memories to relate experimental test results to single event upset mechanisms. Blissett, Richard Steele Lee. Novel methods in chromatographic separations: Bonnin Cadogan, Jose M. Bordelon Egnatchik , Hali Lyn. Spiritual Regeneration and Ultra-Nationalism: Imagining Juan Placido, imagining Cuba: Whittier's "The Black Man".

Reorganization of somatosensory cortex subsequent to dorsal column injury: Quantitative biometry of zebrafish retinal vasculature using optical coherence tomographic angiography. Branch, Janelle Lee Lewis. Fluorocarbon derivatization of surface-initiated polymer films via post-polymerization reactions. Supporting learning opportunities in teacher workgroups: Sweating in the Joint: A control approach to human-like locomotion in biped robots.

Deformation Properties of Neutron Rich Nuclei. The Cascading Effect of Social Capital: Constructing "Race" Through Talk: A Micro-ethnographic investigation of discussions of "race" among African American secondary students.

Brown, Kate Anne Katherine Pride. Corruption and Cognitive Liberation in Russian Environmentalism: GABA synthesis in developing hippocampus: SNAT1 surfaces as a dynamic regulator of inhibitory synaptic transmission.

Genetic and biochemical analysis of the interaction between the yeast fatty acid synthesis enzyme YBRW and the translation initiation complex eIF2B. Development of cognitive diatheses for depression in children: Development of novel, cns penetrant mglu3 selective negative allosteric modulator probes derived from a closely related mglu5 positive allosteric modulator. Bryant Prince, Courtney Alma. A cyber-ethnographic examination of the online exchanges of linguistically positive and empowering birth narratives to reduce socialized childbirth fear in the United States.

Additional Children in Families of Children with Disabilities: Characterization of hypertonic stress-induced protein damage and the cellular mechanisms for defense and repair in C. Permittivity-engineered transparent conducting tin oxide thin films: Butterfield , Mary Stewart. Feasibility and Application of Advanced Diffusion Models.

A comparison of dynamic assessment and progress monitoring in the prediction of reading achievement for students in kindergarten and first grade. Stability of externalizing problem behaviors with onset in early childhood: Callaway, Brantly Mercer IV. Mathematical modeling of species-specific diacylglycerol dynamics in the raw Serial and parallel processing in primate auditory cortex: Camp, Janey Vanessa Smith. Culture, nation and imperialism: Rare variants affecting regulation of serotonin and dopamine transport contribute to the genetic liability of autism.

Anatomy of a schism: Evaluation of a Computerized Inpatient Sign-out Tool. Non-redundant functions of the mouse Ssrp1 and Pfdn1 genes revealed by gene targeting and gene entrapment. Exacerbating or Lessening Differences Across Countries? An Analysis at Three Levels: National, Institutional, and Classroom. Studies of the evolution of felsic magma systems: Zircon in historic eruptions, Iceland; II. The generation and evolution of silicic magma and juvenile crust: Insight from the Icelandic zircon record.

The PCH family protein, Cdc15p, interacts directly with two actin nucleation pathways to contribute to cytokinetic actin ring formation in schizosaccharomyces pombe. A preliminary study of automated tools to monitor microbiological data and improve compliance with hospital infection control policies. Trajectories of Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: Parenting Behaviors as Predictors of Change.

An examination of partisan identity and political behavior in a panel study of college undergraduates during the U. Characterization of synthetic lethality between Mdm2 overexpression and genotoxic agents and identification of a novel function of the Mdmx oncogene in DNA repair. Carter, Arthur Francis, Jr. Cyclooxygenase-1 derived prostaglandin E 2 PGE 2 signaling in early development. White Invisibility and the Creation of White Fragility: Single quantum dot approach for molecular dissection of serotonin transporter regulation in living cells.

Module for simulating composition effects on secondary organic aerosol partitioning and its evaluation in the southeastern United States. The application of theory to intervention: Chavez, Tizoc Victor Hutchinson. Properties of hyperbolic groups: Automatic segmentation of structures in CT images for head and neck intensity-modulated radiation therapy. Total dose irradiation effects on silicon and germanium MOS capacitors with alternative gate dielectrics.

Computational framework for durability assessment of reinforced concrete structures under coupled deterioration processes. Evaluation of atlas-based brain shift model for improved adaptation to intraoperative neurosurgical conditions.

Stability of compressed sensing for dictionaries and almost sure convergence rate for the Kaczmarz algorithm. Refining comparative proteomics by spectral counting to account for shared peptides and multiple search engines. On the Rhetoric of Defining Confucianism as "a Religion": Organizational impacts of participation in industry-level collective action technology roadmaps.

Modulation of Sonic Hedgehog signaling alters cerebellar development and medulloblastoma formation. The impact of delay: The interactions between visual appearance and conceptual knowledge in the acquisition of perceptual expertise. Common interests, competing subjectivities: Sterically demanding ligands and their effect on the structure and reactivity of main group metal complexes.

Understanding as the Embodiment of Mystery: Sodium channels are required for cardiac cell-fate specification via a novel, non-electrogenic mechanism in zebrafish. The Role Of Galaxy Interactions. Intracellular Hexokinase Localization in Hybridoma Cultures: Implications for Regulation of Metabolism and Cell Death.

Clarkson, Gina Alexandria Zima. Energy deposition mechanisms for proton- and neutron-induced single event upsets in modern electronic devices. Salient anatomical features for robust surface registration and atlas-based model updating in image-guided liver surgery.

Determining the role of Growth Differentiation Factor-6 Gdf6 in the development of the coronal suture. Structural and functional evaluation of the human midbrain dopaminergic system using high resolution MRI at 7 T.

Coate, Kathryn Eileen Colbert. Chaplaincy in the Modern Health Care System: Prediction of patient orientation with minimized lateral shift for brain tumor resection therapies. Alternative instructional strategies for low-literate adults: An investigation of the effects of static and dynamic visuals on learning outcomes.

Phylogenetic and population genetic differences between sexual and asexual lineages of Neochlamisus leaf beetles. Bridge groups and religious change: Enhanced treatment planning and navigation for image-guided microwave ablation of hepatic tumors. Conley Griesenauer, Rebekah Helene. Clonotypic Dominance within the HIV-epitope-specific T cell receptor repertoire correlates with phenotypic and functional impairment.

Theory of mind, executive function, and social skills in high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorders. Beyond dollars and cents: Uniting Warmth and Light: Cordova Guillen, Abby Beatriz. Learning what I want to be when I grow up: Cotter, Christopher Andrew James.

Couch, Frank Benjamin IV. Effects of earthworm burrowing on arsenic biotransformation and mobility: Cox, Reagan Josephine Greene. The boundary politics of undocumented immigrant youth activists in Tennessee.

Spin state isomerism and molecular magnetism from site-specifically substituted bis indenyl transition metal complexes. Aldehyde Oxidase Drug Metabolism: Multiplex biomaterial matrix cues regulate redox status and stemness in human mesenchymal stem cells. Characterization of a Pneumatic Strain Energy Accumulator: Strategic use of spatial representations to maintain orientation by individuals who are congenitally totally blind and blindfolded sighted people.

Perceptual expertise affects visual short-term memory and the time-course of perceptual encoding. Improving Modern Techniques of Causal Inference: Origin and Destination Considerations. Optimizing traffic distribution in multi-radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks under dynamic traffic demand. Making sense of preschool research: Predicting the thermophysical properties of molecules with anisotropic interaction and structure using the statistical associating fluid theory.

Structural characterization of the receptor for advanced glycation end products reveals a two domain modular architecture. Testing a process model of emotions: Emergent practices in translingual pedagogy: Teachers learning to facilitate collaborative translation. Davidson, Roderick Belden II. Role of alpha2A-adrenergic receptors in extinction of positive and negative valence learned behaviors. Davis, Donna Jo D. Fraying at the Edges: Davis, Jacqueline Teresa Haines.

Characterization of fibrinogen-binding surface protein B and staphylocoagulase in human blood fibrinolysis and coagulation. Performance Drift of Clinical Prediction Models: Impact of modeling methods on prospective model performance. Davis, Thomas Andrew Jr. Dawson, Claire Suzanne Smith. The dialogical understanding of framing: De Niear, Matthew Allen.

The Plasticity of Temporal Perception: De Pena, Gustavo Antonio. The siblings of Hispaniola: Developmental Investigations of the Zebrafish Habenular Nuclei.

A New Anthropology for Ecotheology: Amyloid Precursor Protein and Notch1. Alterations in GABAA receptor expression and physiology in a mouse model of idiopathic generalized epilepsy. The benefit of automatic segmentation of intracranial organs at risk for radiation therapy: Characterization of the optical properties of gallium arsenide as a function of pump intensity using picosecond ultrasonics.

Raising a Nonviolent Army: Total Synthesis of a Bicyclo[1. El retrato de artista en Hispanoamerica: Delannoy Sotomayor, Andres Guillermo. Visualizing APP trafficking and processing reveals its functional relationship with neuronal membrane cholesterol.

Sumaq Kawsay, Allin Kawsay: Structural study of the N6- Deoxy-d-erythro-pentofuranosyl -2,6-diamino-3,4-dihydrooxoN-methylformamido-pyrimidine DNA adduct. The impact of secondary lymphedema after head and neck cancer treatment on symptoms, functional status, and quality of life. Are You There Party? Evaluation of a novel terminology to categorize clinical document section headers and a related clinical note section tagger.

Development of a lung cancer prediction model for surgeons and factors affecting its national application. The Leviathan in the Original Position: Dessein , Eva Marguerite Suzanne. Learner identity construction in multilingual contexts: A case study of the study abroad experience.

Design and implementation of a computerized asthma management system in the pediatric emergency department. Binaural-cue weighting in sound localization with open-fit hearing aids and in simulated reverberation. Biochemical and structural analyses of TBL1: Primary school under-enrollment in Mozambique: Epidermal growth factor stimulates intestinal epithelial cell migration through activation of the small GTPase Rac.

Investigation of Separation Strategies for Bioanalytical Methods: Chromatography, Ion Mobility and Mass Spectrometry. Endoplasmic reticulum translocon function is required for dorsal diencephalic neurogenesis in the zebrafish. Visualization of nuclear targeting of breast cancer cell lines. Configuration and deployment derivation strategies for distributed real-time and embedded systems. Glutamine and glutamate limit the shortening of cardiac action potential during and after ischemia and anoxia.

A Latent Class Growth Analysis. Druhan Bullock, Virginia Blair. Total ionizing dose radiation effects and negative bias temperature instability on SiGe pMOS devices. Using Model-based techniques for improving performance and reliability in high performance scientific computing. Identifying, Investigating, and Classifying Data Errors: Development and quantification of an atlas-based method for model-updated image-guided neurosurgery.

Dunbar, Jennifer Elizabeth Potts. Negative cognitive style and its correlates in children and adolescents at varied risk for depression. Posttraumatic stress symptoms, coping, emotion processes, and parenting in parents of children with cancer. Posttraumatic Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Symptoms. Connected Genres and Competing Nations: Speciation and diversification in the North American tiger beetles of the cicindela sylvatica group: The Core Beliefs of Southern Evangelicals: Molecular modeling of aqueous solutions: The effects of molecular polarization on classical forcefield development.

Eccleston, Sara Michelle Perisho. Raf-1 kinase regulates intestinal epithelial cell survival in response to pro-inflammatory stimuli. Ecological speciation in Neochlamisus bebbianae leaf beetles: Movement, sensibilities, and desire: Desire, Knowledge, and the Origins of Self-Consciousness: Motor representations and the effects of auditory feedback disruption on singing remembered tunes.

Increased traction forces by cancer-associated fibroblasts align fibronectin to direct cancer cell migration. Erickson, Miriam Rebekah Martin. African Diaspora in the Spanish Atlantic World, Enhanced intracellular peptide delivery with pH-responsive, endosomolytic nano-polyplexes to modulate vascular smooth muscle cell behavior.

Development of pH-responsive nano-polyplexes for intracellular delivery of therapeutic biomacromolecules. The application of Friction Stir Welding Processes to new materials and new material combinations.

Everett Grueter, Carrie Alicia. Everything but the Funnel Cake: How the Guatemalan Civil War, U. The Totality, the Individual, and Their Relation: Application of organocatalysis to the synthesis of pharmacological relevant scaffolds: Diffusion Tensor Imaging reveals correlations between brain connectivity and children's reading abilities.

Development and evaluation of a prototype system for automated analysis of clinical mass spectrometry data. Reluctant Possessions in Richard Burton's "Aladdin". Magical Objects in Victorian Literature: Enchantment, Narrative Imagination, and the Power of Things. Dynamics of desert-shrub populations in regulating soil transport based on plant-size scaling relevant to climate-change timescales. Investigation of electrochemical interfaces for the development of novel electrodes for biomimetic energy conversion and hydrogen fuel cells.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Facilities. Implementation of human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte to model excitation-contraction coupling in health and disease. Detection and characterization of glycans and glycoconjugates using ion mobility-mass spectrometry.

Human 5-HT2C receptor variants: Macro Changes in a Minute Amount of Time: The development of petaled molybdenum disulfide as a versatile and sustainable electrocatalyst for alternative energy technologies. Endothelial cells serve as a cardiac progenitor population in the adult heart during homeostasis and contribute to repair after ischemic injury.

The characterization of the role of myeloid translocation gene 16 in hematopoietic progenitor and stem cell functions. Teaching young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to respond appropriately to lures from strangers.

Zircon from Swift Creek stage eruptions records the assembly and evolution of an intrusive magmatic complex beneath Mount St. The sonic hedgehog pathway mediates central regulation of cerebellar development and sarcoma phenotypic outcome.

Organization and prioritization of sensory information using an ego-centered, locally-connected network. Florez Bustos, Carlos Andres. Nonfiction writing in prekindergarten: Evidence for Dynamic Pre-Supereruption Processes.

The cognitive neuroscience of creative thinking in the schizophrenia spectrum: Fission studies with Cf: Fong de los Santos, Luis E. Politics and Motherhood in the Cold War: Investigations of the Wild: Quantifying temporal aspects of low-level multisensory processing in children with autism spectrum disorders: Behavioral and neural indices of auditory temporal processing in children with autism spectrum disorders. Examining very-long-term variability in X-ray binaries: The role of the bone marrow microenvironment in the establishment and progression of multiple myeloma.

Franco, Teresa Cristina de Borges. The relationship between psychosocial factors, self-care behaviors, and metabolic control in adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Psychological Well-being in Young Adults: Identification of novel regulators of colorectal adenocarcinoma and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Personality and Treatment Compliance: Do certain personality traits influence patient compliance with voice rest? Characterizing temporal and spatial trends in soil geochemistry on Polder 32, southwest Bangladesh.

Conditional Associations with Big Data: Outcomes and Assessment in Teacher Education: The interplay between diet, metabolism and autoimmunity in the B6. SLE mouse model of systemic lupus erythematosus. The predictive relation between depression and comorbid psychopathology in adolescents at varied risk for depression. Investigating mitochondrial deoxyribonucleotide metabolism and its role in a family of genetic diseases. Forkhead transcription factor regulates prostate-specific gene expression and prostatic morphogenesis: Corticostriatal regulation of medium spiny neuron dendritic remodeling in models of parkinsonism.

Garcia, Christina Valerie Boma. Garcia Barrantes, Pedro Manuel. Total synthesis of Gombamide A and Actinophenanthroline A. Discovery, optimization and characterization of novel positive allosteric modulators for the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 1. A computational approach to pre-align point cloud data for surface registration in image guided liver surgery. In vitro replication studies of oligonucleotides containing site-specific DNA adducts in frameshift-prone sequences.

Data Use For Instructional Improvement: Not Just for Pulling Chromosomes: Development and application of ligand-based computational methods for de-novo drug design and virtual screening. Liquid-crystal tunable filter spectral imaging for discrimination between normal and neoplastic tissues in the brain. Probing the relationship between volunteering and substance abuse in adolescence: A test of two explanations. Role of DNA interactions in modulating the activity of human topoisomerases and anticancer drugs.

Characterization of salinity sources in southwestern Bangladesh evaluated through surface water and groundwater geochemical analyses. Studies of ultra high temperature ceramic composite components: Germans Gard, Marja Katinka. CNT field emission cell with built-in electron beam source for electron stimulated amplified field emission.

Functional reorganization of barrel cortex following atypical sensory rearing experiences: Examining mathematics coaches in supporting teachers to develop ambitious instructional practices: Outsiders' Perspectives on Revolutionary Nationalism in Germany, The Aesthetics of Propaganda: Gilbert Corder, Stephanie Nicole.

Comparison and assessment of semiautomatic image segmentation in computed tomography scans of the kidney. Reading Singularity and Plurality from Different Cultures. Incident duration model and secondary incident causation model based on archived traffic management center data.

Gomez Maqueo Chew, Yilen. Gomez Zuluaga, Pablo Fernando. Investigating the cognitive processing of experience for decision making in robots: Functional components of a mammalian origin of DNA replication and the possible role of an origin in human Fragile X Mental Retardation. Linking parental motivations for involvement and student proximal achievement outcomes in home-schooling and public-schooling settings.

Investigating Effectiveness and Efficiency. Grega Larson, Nathan Eric. Synthesis and structures of main group organometallic complexes with sterically bulky allyl ligands. To thine own self be true?: High-throughput analysis of tissue microarrays of disease: From fats to fluorescent fish: Metabotropic glutamate receptor mediated synaptic plasticity in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis as a target for stress, anxiety and addiction disorders. Testing specificity in the relationship between parenting and child psychopathology in children of depressed parents.

Auditory cortical narrowing to native speech: A Cultural Representation from the Gospel of John. Modeling and observer-based robust control design for energy-dense monopropellant powered actuators. Interleukinmediated immunotoxicity and exacerbation of sepsis: Neuroendocrine prostate tumors mimic endocrine differentiation of pancreatic beta cells in 12t mice: Liberation from the demon and the demonic: Ha, Kevin Hong youl.

Control methods for powered assistive devices for individuals with mobility impairments: Polyurethane scaffold with delivery of biologically active small molecules for tissue regeneration. A general approach to medium ring azabicycles, total synthesis of cremastrine, and total synthesis of grandisine D. Sexual Orientation and Health-Related Outcomes: The role of the Staphylococcus lugdunensis Isd system in iron acquisition and biofilm formation. Hall II, Wilburn Keith. The reversal of dopamine transporter function is governed by plasma membrane interactions and disrupted by genetic variations.

Effect of non-rigid registration algorithms on the analysis of brain MR images with deformation based morphometry. Exploring the Black Box of Democratic Participation. Development at the Margins: Different Shades of Health: Structural characterization of monolayer-protected metal nanoparticles by ion mobility-mass spectrometry. Harl, Robert Randall, Jr. Injectable, settable polyurethane biocomposites for bone remodeling in weight-bearing and contaminated fractures. Characterization of novel excitatory actions of alpha2A-adrenergic receptors in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis.

Optimization of Polyelectrolyte Complex Production: When You Are the News: Dynamic Response of Electronic Systems: Female Criminality and Punishment in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary: Le Rutzil Wachaj rech le Nawal Ja': Investigation of the stereo structures of chiral molecules using vibrational circular dichroism, optical rotation, and density functional theory.

Building new in vivo models of human prostate cancer progression by manipulation of cyclin D1 and PTEN. Should We Take the Next Step? Examining effects of note-taking and extended writing on the expository text comprehension of fourth grade students. Hedgecock II, Ronald William. Kinetic analysis of phospholipase D: Allosteric modulation by monomeric GTPases, protein kinase C, and polyphosphoinositides.

Evaluation of thermally enhanced soil vapor extraction using electrical resistance heating for chlorinated solvent remediation in the vadose zone. Substrate-selective Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase The Politics of Transnational Feminist Discourse: Framing across Differences, Building Solidarities. Quantification of cardiac longitudinal relaxation T1 at 3. Partial differential equation models for intranuclear diffusion, inverse problems in nanobiology and cell cycle specific effects of anticancer drugs.

Hinz, Eugenia Renee McPeek. Hirtle, Jane Anne Trapp. Uncoupling force and calcium flux to develop novel therapeutics for subarachnoid hemorrhage-induced vasospasm. Measuring quality in pre-kindergarten classrooms: Young and Homeless in Nashville: Development and characterization of a novel microfluidic bioreactor system utilized for examining hemodynamic effects on cellular response. Development of hemodynamic targeted theranostic nanoparticles for the prevention of atherosclerosis.

The Antifungal Arsenal in Amphibian Skin: Defining Social Justice through Service: Holmes, Jeffrey Thomas Grant. The systematic ascertainment of structured family health information using an online patient portal. Enactive Modeling as a Catalyst for Conceptual Understanding: An Example with a Circuit Simulation. High angular resolution diffusion imaging of brain white matter and its application to schizophrenia.

Depressive Symptoms and Household Income: Hormuth, David Andrew II. Exploring school sequences as a new unit of analysis for intradistrict school finance equity studies. Design and experimental validation of a miniature real-time polymerase chain reaction device using disposable microfluidic chips.

Drinking Mothers, Schooling Kids: Organizational factors that promote or inhibit the adoption and implementation of the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in the United States. Howell Taylor, Susan Meredith. Variations in Radiation Response Due to Hydrogen: Mechanisms of Interface Trap Buildup and Annealing.

Hunt, Aubrey Ann Salvino. Nontraditional Students and Nontraditional Enrollment Patterns: Hutton, Thomas Robert Clendenen. A Case for Cognitive Dysconnectivity. Effect of carbon nano and microfibers on the mechanical properties and durability of cement pastes. Black Women versus Railway Companies, Multivariate signal processing and theoretical modeling for the study of gastrointestinal bioelectromagnetism.

Angiogenic outgrowth from a perfused vascular explant: The evolutionary ecology of an insect-fungus interaction: Botryosphaeria dothidea , symbiotic with the goldenrod-galling midge Asteromyia carbonifera Diptera: Myelin sensitivity in quantitative magnetization transfer and diffusion tensor imaging in an animal model of multiple sclerosis. Admixture mapping and subsequent finemapping suggests novel loci for type 2 diabetes in African Americans. Investigating the role of the n-terminus of yeast telomerase reverse transcriptase in telomere maintenance.

Perceptual decision related activity in the parallel pathways of the lateral geniculate nucleus LGN. Collaborative Composing in the Digital Dimension: Nucleus accumbens n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor function and reward learning: The Subjective Figures of American Capitalism, Johnson, Alyssa Erica Kim. Reading What isn't There: Johnson, Elizabeth Rose Meade.

COX-2 inhibition in colorectal carcinoma: Johnson, Kathryn Mercedes Stettler. The role of physiological elevations of glucagon-like peptide-one in glucose regulation in the dog in vivo. A Piece of Earth: A portrait of the artist as an old man: A comparative study of the paper based error reporting system and an electronic error reporting system. Joseph-Gabriel, Annette Naa Koshie. A Model of Spiritual and Psychological Development: On-chip separation and detection of biological particles using dielectrophoresis and resistive pulse sensing.

Roles, Mechanisms, and Significance. The role of polyunsaturated fatty acid and eicosanoid biosynthesis in the pathogenesis of cystic fibrosis. Principal leadership for instruction: Associations between principal vision, principal involvement in instruction, and teachers' perceptions of expectations for standards-based instructional practice. Pursuing a 'Reformed' Dream: Analysis of parameter variation impact on the single event response in subnm CMOS storage cells.

Antioxidant microspheres as drug delivery vehicles for the prevention of post-traumatic osteoarthritis. Analysis of spectral properties of speech for detecting suicide risk and impact of gender specific differences.

Structure, substrate selectivity, and catalytic mechanism of the fosfomycin resistance enzyme, FosB, from Gram-positive pathogens. The contribution of RAS function to transformation of the colonic epithelium: Optical spectroscopy for the evaluation of surgical margin status following breast cancer resection. Synthesis and biological evaluation of dispyrin, synthesis and design of selective M4 muscarinic modulators, and exploration of the total synthesis of piperazimycin A. Direct analysis of endogenous and exogenous compounds in whole-animal tissue sections by imaging MALDI mass spectrometry.

A transcription factor network dictates neuronal cell fate decisions in the zebrafish dorsal diencephalon.

Tracing the naturalization of a learning progression centered assessment system in a teacher community. Determination of structural models of the complex between erythrocyte band 3 and ankyrin-R repeats Follow provincial or territorial employment standards to create complete statements of earnings.

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