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Sullivan is a member and past president of the Franklin Breakfast Rotary Club. She currently serves on the board of Waves, a non-profit that enables individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to progress toward their full potential.

Sullivan is a graduate of Leadership Franklin. Waldron Enterprises is a residential construction and apartment management firm. Wynd is a Certified Public Accountant and partner at Smiley CPAs, a Franklin, Tennessee based firm that has been serving the local community for more than twenty-nine years.

Prior to joining Franklin Synergy Bank, Ms. He also served on the board of directors for MidSouth Bank. Caudle received a B. Caudle has been active in professional organizations throughout his 40 plus years in banking. Caudle served on the Murfreesboro Historic Zoning Commission for 21 years and has also served as chairman. He is a graduate and board member of Leadership Rutherford.

Other affiliations in which Mr. After serving in the U. Upon the sale of Civitas Bank Group, Mr. Herrington founded Franklin Synergy Bank in with a team of veteran local bankers. Herrington is a graduate of Belmont University. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP , a certification that designates competence in operations, telecommunications, network and environmental security, information security and risk management, cryptography, disaster recovery planning and security architecture and design.

Hill was a key member of the executive management turnaround team at Civitas. Hill founded Franklin Synergy Bank in with a team of veteran local bankers. Howell is an active community volunteer, having served on numerous nonprofit Boards. Jernigan is a life-long resident of Murfreesboro and a graduate of Auburn University. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Jernigan has also served our country in the United States Army as an officer and UH Blackhawk helicopter pilot-in-command.

Prior to his banking career Mr. Jernigan was Owner and President of The Jernigan Agency, a full service insurance and financial consulting firm representing numerous insurance and financial services companies. Jernigan has served as President of the Board of Directors for The Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, providing hands-on education opportunities for the community. She holds a B.

In a financial services career that spans more than 24 years, Mr. He received a M. He also serves as a volunteer at Meal on Wheels for Williamson County. Also, he is active in supporting and leading local youth athletic teams. Meyerrose also served as President of Sarah Meyerrose Strategic Solutions, a community bank and small business strategic consulting firm.

Meyerrose has over 38 years of leadership experience in the financial services industry, with 28 years at First Horizon National Corporation formerly First Tennessee National Corporation , the holding company of First Tennessee Bank, where she held multiple senior leadership roles in both the holding company and the banking organization.

I got a NetSpend card, which is just like an online checking account. They even allow overdrafts. The assistant vice pres at wells told me that once i paid my old accounts with wachovia she could open me an opportunity account with wells do you think everything will be ok. If their is a Wells Fargo bank in your state, try that bank.

I have negative info in Chexsystems and was able to open a checking and savings account with Wells Fargo. Armed Forces Bank http: So, like I said in the previous post, I will then go to several banks with my bank statement, and tell them I need a business account. We shall see how they respond then. Again, I will give an update to this site. Why am I doing this updates? Perhaps, but not totally. My ex-wife used to tell me a lot of negative things when she could not get a checking account.

And I told her, and now I am going to tell you which is why I am doing the updates , that it works like this:. Here is what I have seen and here is what I still predict. Because if you have that money on deposit they can make money off of your deposited funds. At least that is what I have observed. Get a plan, be persistent and things will work out. I bet you dollars to donuts they will have a whole different song and dance when they realize they will be able to make money off of me, and their whole Chex System excuse will be all but dead.

I will tell you the truth. How sick is that? That is my point more than anything else. It may take some months, even years, but it will happen. That is what I did and its working.

It will also work for you. Thanks for posting about the Opportunity Wells Fargo account. Again, I will update how that goes. So, I think banking here is apparently a waste of my time—or so it seems.

I guess, I will go ahead and keep my funds somewhere else. I have to wait a year to have it converted? Do you see what I am talking about. And that is what I will do. I will open multiple accounts—at multiple brands, and then whatever is left over I will plop back into my business account at Wells Fargo. Sure, I will allow it for 3 months, but then its done. I went into the Wells Fargo Branch yesterday and they offer second chance banking which is called the Opportunity Checking Account.

You will get approved as long as you are not in check systems for an old Wells Fargo Account. I was approved for a checking and savings account. Opportunity Checking — Wells Fargo https: WF does have a second chance checking for people with Chexsystem problems. After a week or so they gonna closed it. When you asked them why???

You ready for this. Your account is close base on the info we received from Chexsystem. We know you put all your money in our bank and you have no money left.

Shay in texax just wondering what type of issues were reported on your chexsystems report to get an account with suntrust i tried and it didnt work i owe bank of america and had an account close for suspicious activity from wood forest bank. Wood Forest does second chance and also one called peoples choice money management i applied for them awaiting response usaa is good i also have a joint account with them that my husband applied for with both of us on it.

I am going to try for my own with them has anyone tried ING direct let me know what happened with them. ING Direct used to be awesome, but their U. I do believe that they are now using Chexsystems.

I was just approved for the Wells Fargo opportunity account today!!!! This is there second chance account. I went into the branch…. I took your reccomendation and went to Wells Fargo Bank. Thanks for the info. So definitely my ChexSystems history is pretty bad. A total free Mastercard debit and all you pay is the cost of checks.

I have a account with Peoples Bank in Texas. Checking with debit card. I just got my savings application today. So I keep reading about Regions bank.

I called today to open an online checking account. I was that they where unable to complete the verification procces and asked me to go to a local branch. I will be doing son tomorrow. I hope all goes well. I complained long time back that ing direct doesnt open bank account for people who are on chex system or with bad credit. By chance if it is opened for such candidates, within one month the bank close their account.

If you dont care about users comments then its useless to come over here. I called ING and they do a credit check. So, I started with 1 http: Both said they will contact me in a day or so I did this on Sunday, 6 AM, today. I have an account at Chase. One is with US Bank. But I guess they changed things and now they charge the account the instant you use your debit card. I told them they could forget it! They show it on Chex Systems as unpaid.

Nor do I care. BS is BS and I am not going to support it. So, I am going elsewhere on this site. I will report back in a few days if the accounts at one or both of the above banks are opened. Charles Schwab opened up an account for me, and then closed it like 3 days later online. That was 6 months ago. My credit score is not good; I divorced 3 years ago. The wife wanted a job based existence.

I did not want that. I wanted a business based life with more potential. But more importantly, I want to impart the message that being persistent does and will pay off. Just keep going to credit unions, banks, etc. A lot of the places will turn you down cold if you mention Chex System.

They act as if they are elite or something and you are garbage. But pay no attention to them. So who are they to pass judgement—stupid morons!

For example, I may be really good at this, but suck at that. And so it goes. Human beings are not perfect. Once everyone gets that and stops passing judgment, the world will make a lot more sense. I used to be a millionaire. Now I am not. I will be a millionaire again. I had a bad year. So did Donald Trump. He filed bankruptcy you know. Try different folks, different brands, different times of the year, and it will come together eventually. I seriously thought that Chase would easily open a biz account for me after 6 months of perfect account handling—and they still may.

And bear in mind, this was after a 45 minute business plan presentation that blew their minds—yet they still had the gall to suggest that the account may not be opened. The people who said that should not be the people saying that. Everyone sucks at something, and I would not say that just because you have a perfect bank account you are any better than someone else who does not when you are failing with your relationships or in some other area, e.

Hooray, you qualify for poverty! I would rather have a crappy bank account and the ability to have long lasting, enduring relationships with my kids—which I do. Life is not a competition. But one can and should take stock of their life and get it all sorted… not just in one area here while severely lacking in another.

And when one does this, gets it all together across the board, it still does not make sense to judge those who are not there yet. You could be rich and famous today and homeless tomorrow. It has and does happen. I will post the outcome. I will expect the best and care not if something else shows up.

Either way, I will get there. I have an account with armed forces bank. I open a regular savings then later a student checking. Even though im in a negative balance at the moment, i had them for a few months now. So u should be able to go through them.

I did mines online to. I have been on Chex from many years since, my college years, and have in the past few years or so, open both checking and savings accounts with Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. I think they go by your credit score and only require you to have a credit score… i opened both online and they are both still in tact years later. Some Great News Folks!!!

I was in the ChexSystems for a couple of years and today I was approved for a free checking account with Suntrust Bank. My account was sent to the ChexSystems and I could not open an account. After a few months, I paid what I owed and requested that I received a paid-off letter from both Banks and from the ChexSystems as well.

I laid low for a year and this morning I decided that it is time to reopen an account it sucks to live without an account I met with a branch manager, I made my case and I was approved.

I am quite happy. I hope my story will help the next. The goal is to pay back what you owe. I tried going through First Internet Bank of Indiana, and I just got turned down due to information in ChexSystems, so you may want to remove them from this list.

Check out a couple of banks near your home. If there is a criedt union, check with them and see if you qualify for membership. It may be higher but most banks will give a youngster a break, knowing they may stay a customer for years. Yes, you will get interest but it may not be a very high rate. Ask the banks about that. You may be able to find some information at their websites but you can also call.

Hi folks of chexvictims I am in chexsystems I found out why a lot people are being denied accounts. The best thing to do is just wait the five years. It will be very hard to open account… Oh yeah know that every time you try to open an account it goes as an inquiry on your chexsystem report.. I was able to open an account with hsbc and now waiting on my temporary password in the mail and my card soon. I did it online and i live in cincinnati,oh.

I hope both banks armed force and this one will stay open for a long time. Also with the hsbc bank i did online savings. I have not tried to do a checkings yet afraid that i may get turned down. Well they decide to close my account just because they couldnt get in hold of me to verify my account but told me that i can open one back with them if i wanted to.

I think im good on them. They didnt leave no voice mail or nothing so how would they expect for me to know that it was them with no call back number!! I think thats stupid. I have not heard back from them yet. I have checks and debit card. Debra, you indicate you must mail deposits to Peoples.

Do you live in another area or another state? Best Bank in Georgia does not check credit. They also have a program if you are negative that allows you too payoff the balance without eating up your money. They also have loan programs that are helpful and they never run your credit. Best Bank of Georgia does not run credit for loans? Regions bank sent me a notice of closure within a week without giving any reason they are definitely on EWS!

I have tried many banks because I was put in chexsystems. I was told about regions bank so I went to apply and I got my Business checking account first and the I applied two days later and got my personal checking account. It was so quick and easy! Hi kbj Goooood luck with regions.. My husband and I tried to open an account with regions and after two weeks they closed the accounts… due to bank of america sending over a letter….

I am also interested in the verification process for regions new checking accounts. I had a recent BOA checking be closed due to an overdraft and then it was reported to chexsystems and I dont remember even being notified of the account being closed until I went to open a new checking account this week.

How is regions with opening a new checking with an overdrafted account listed on chexsystems? Wow, I opened the account with suntrust online. I was approve with the account and was still opened until I close the account.

Prepaid cards are not so bad. I have these cards like the western union prepaid card with no fees except the atm withdrawal. If someone sends money to you, I call the number and have them transfer it from the western union to my prepaid card with no charge. I have both the moneywise and the gold. It accept direct deposit. I also have the http: The cool feature are they accept direct deposit, it has a saving account on the cards, with or more deposit some of the fees are free with the exception of the atm withdrawals and a few other fees.

I use mycontrol card wonderfully. It pays up to two days earlier. I get paid on the 1st of each month and one of my direct deposit is on this card and I get paid on the 26th of the month of every month. So instead of the 1st. I get it approx. It may depends where you work and how soon they put the money in the account. As soon the card account receive the money, the bank put the money on my card. They do not wait until your payday. Try a credit union in your area.

It is usually roetrepd within 24 hours of the account closure. At least, that is the way WaMu use to operate in regards to charged off accounts. I highly suggest you go to your bank and pay off the balance because the longer it stays there, the more problems it will cause you. Found this site after much searching, plan to give USAA a try this week.

I have a few things on ChexSystems which has hindered me from opening an account. I will keep you posted. Im currently in chex sytems but I do have an account with suntrust, they dont check chex systems. I have had the suntrust account for over 3 years. Hey USAA really does work!!! I have been using prepaid cards all this time, I am so excited!!!

Thanks for the help! I just open two accounts for armed forces bank. I open a reg savings then some days later did a, well suppose to be student checking but they got it down as freedom checking.

I got my card for my saving and should get a card for my checking within some days. Things going ok so far. I live in cincinnati,oh and did it online. Mail will not be published required. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Home What is ChexSystems? April 2, at 7: June 11, at 8: March 25, at April 4, at December 3, at 3: November 28, at 8: November 27, at 1: November 2, at 1: October 12, at March 19, at 3: March 19, at 7: September 24, at 4: September 18, at 7: September 12, at 7: December 13, at 6: September 12, at 2: September 12, at September 9, at 7: September 8, at 5: September 8, at 9: October 21, at