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These factors were partially offset by higher average selling prices for paper and pulp and higher pulp shipments as well as the realization of savings stemming from restructuring activities.

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The cap rate is set above the floor rate. Developments for sale focus on A-locations and encompass attractive architecture and high level furnishing for an international clientele. The business activities of the Group cover the entire value chain, from property acquisition and site selection to active asset management and finally to the sale or lease of properties. For more information, see www.

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Such statements express the intentions, opinions or current expectations and assumptions of Peach Property Group and the persons acting together with Peach Property Group. Interest rate swap contracts 2, 2, 1, 14, Foreign exchange forward contracts 1, 1, 1, 2, Total unrealized gain loss: Cash and cash equivalents 56, 46, Amounts due from related parties 1, Inventories 2, 2, Derivative assets 4, 1, Other current assets 2, 5, Total current assets 67, 56, Long-term assets: Trade accounts payable 5, 5, Accrued expenses 11, 6, Current portion of long-term debt , 92, Current portion of derivative liabilities Income taxes payable 9 Current portion of contract liabilities 1, 1, Prepaid charter and deferred revenue 5, 9, Amount due to related parties 1, 5, Total current liabilities , , Long-term liabilities: Long-term debt 1,, , Derivative liabilities Contract liabilities 5, 6, Deferred tax liabilities Total long-term liabilities 1,, , Total liabilities 1,, 1,, Commitments and contingencies Series A Convertible Preferred Units 89, 89, Equity: Depreciation 66, 51, Amortization of contract intangibles liabilities Amortization of deferred revenue 1, Amortization of deferred debt issuance cost 2, 1, Drydocking expenditure 9, 4, Income tax expense 15 9 Income taxes paid Unrealized gain loss on derivative instruments 13, 3, Unrealized gain loss on foreign currency transactions 22 67 Changes in operating assets and liabilities: Depreciation 22, 22, Other non-cash items; deferred costs amortization debt 1, Unrealized losses from interest rate derivatives and foreign exchange currency contracts Less: Estimated maintenance and replacement capital expenditures including drydocking reserve 13, 13, Distribution to Convertible Preferred Units 1, 1, Other non-cash items; deferred revenue Other non-cash items; accrued income Unrealized gains from interest rate derivatives and foreign exchange currency contracts 2, 1, Distributable cash flow 26, 26, Distributions declared 18, 18, Distribution coverage ratio 1 1.

Forward-looking statements include statements with respect to, among other things: Questions should be directed to: Sie erhalten auf FinanzNachrichten. Wie bewerten Sie die aktuell angezeigte Seite? Reported a distribution coverage ratio of 1. Fleet operated with Distribution coverage ratio is equal to distributable cash flow divided by distributions declared for the period presented.

Net gain loss on foreign currency transactions. Other income is mainly related to guarantee income from Knutsen NYK. Realized gains losses on derivative instruments relate to amounts the Partnership actually received paid to settle derivative instruments, and the unrealized gains losses on derivative instruments related to changes in the fair value of such derivative instruments, as detailed in the table below:.

Total unrealized gain loss:. Total realized and unrealized gain loss on derivative instruments: At September 30, At December 31, Vessels, net of accumulated depreciation. Current portion of derivative liabilities.

Series A Convertible Preferred Units. Consolidated balance at December 31, Net proceeds from issuance of common units. Consolidated balance at September 30, Nine Months Ended September 30,. Adjustments to reconcile net income to cash provided by operating activities:. Unrealized gain loss on foreign currency transactions. Changes in operating assets and liabilities:. Decrease increase in amounts due from related parties. Increase decrease in amounts due to related parties.

Net cash provided by operating activities. Disposals additions to vessel and equipment. Acquisition of Tordis Knutsen net of cash acquired. Acquisition of Vigdis Knutsen net of cash acquired. Acquisition of Lena Knutsen net of cash acquired. Acquisition of Anna Knutsen net of cash acquired.

Net cash provided by used in investing activities. Repayment of long-term debt from related parties. Net proceeds from sale of Convertible Preferred Units. Net cash provided by used in financing activities. Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of the period.

Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the period. Other non-cash items; deferred costs amortization debt. Other financial items consist of other finance expense, realized and unrealized gain loss on derivative instruments and net gain loss on foreign currency transactions. Knutsen NYK's and KNOT Offshore Partners' ability to build shuttle tankers and the timing of the delivery and acceptance of any such vessels by their respective charterers;.