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He is the 13th CAG of India.

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Types of Audit and Audit Reporting in India. Related services Get Advice on Company audits in India. Related reading May 01, Statutory audit refers to the audit based on the laws applicable on the entity for the time being in force. A Chartered accountant holding a certificate of practice in India is qualified to be a statutory auditor of an entity.

It is mandatory for a company in India to get the Statutory Audit of its financial statements done according to the provisions of Companies Act The CAG is also the external auditor of Government-owned corporations and conducts supplementary audit of government companies, i. The CAG is also the head of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, the affairs of which are managed by officers of Indian Audit and Accounts Service , and has over 58, employees across the country.

He is the 13th CAG of India. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was established under the Chartered Accountants Act, passed by the Parliament of India with the objective of regulating accountancy profession in India. ICAI actively engages itself in aiding and advising economic policy formulation. It also has submitted its suggestions on the Companies Bill, The government also takes the suggestions of ICAI as expert advice and considers it favorably.

Abdul Kalam as a " Partner in Nation Building ".