Elon Musk reveals Tesla Model 3 dual motor, AWD, performance version specs


In severe cases Tesla Service will tell you to stop driving the car, but generally it’s an indication that the voltage level has dropped below a certain threshold but the vehicle can continue to.

According to the magazine, Tesla did not take up the invitation to repeat the test, and also seemed to refuse to offer vehicles for a second test. Actually, with Elon unplugged, I believe the investors finally DID get a better idea of what they have invested into…the mask has fallen off. Retailers lead stock gains on Wall Street Stocks rose again following a strong report on the economy and the resumption of trade talks between the U. Environmental Protection Agency and U.

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True to form, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Saturday night, revealing preliminary specs and pricing for the company's hotly awaited Model 3 dual-motor all-wheel drive and performance.

Tesla announced in August it won approval from the Fremont City Council to double the size of the facility with about 4. Tesla started production with 1, workers. In addition to Tesla employees, the company uses contractors for various functions. In May , Elon Musk, in an apparent goal of reducing dead weight and raising efficiency and quality within its operation, decided to cut contractors and sub-contractors, ordering staff to justify and personally vouch for contractors worth keeping.

The plant's first series production vehicle is the Tesla Model S full-sized battery electric sedan. In , Tesla transitioned from 20 hand-assembled "alpha builds" to 50 "beta builds", [58] production-validation vehicles built entirely at the Tesla Factory. These cars would also be used for system integration, engineering testing, and federal crash-testing and certification.

Deliveries reached 6, units in the last three months of Tesla announced that production was expected to climb from cars per week in early to about 1, units per week by year-end. As of early May , the production rate was cars per week. As of [update] , about 1, cars are made per week, [71] [72] mostly to pre-orders. Production of the Model X joined the Model S during , [74] following a short reconfiguration of the production line in July On July 2, , Tesla announced that it had delivered a total of 21, vehicles in the first half of All vehicles were manufactured at the Fremont plant.

On August 3, , Tesla announced that it was consistently producing 2, vehicles per week at the end of Q2 Tesla makes many parts itself, which is unusual in the auto business. Tesla also works with suppliers around the world, of which 50 are in Northern California, and 10 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The manufacturing process uses more than specialist robots, including 10 of the largest robots in the world, [91] which are named after X-Men characters.

The plant has a high level of integration compared with other modern car assembly plants, with most processes taking place within the Tesla Factory. This includes most of the stamping and machining, painting, and some coding. The hydraulic press lines used to stamp 5, body panels per day with a force of 10, tonnes, [95] are the largest in North America and the 6th largest in the world. Each vehicle is made to order with a two to three-month wait time for delivery, [99] although individual vehicles only take between three and five days to complete the assembly process.

The alternating current electric motor is constructed in-house. The main components of the motor are the stator and rotor. It then pulls the copper wire into a stack. The motor has three phases and so requires three coils of copper. A worker insulates each bundle of copper wire in a plastic sleeve to prevent the bundles from touching one another. The ends of the bundles are then snipped to the correct length.

Lugs are added and crimped to form attachment points for the motor's three phases. The stator is then encased in a two part epoxy resin to help in evenly distributing the motor's heat. The stator is now complete and is inserted into a heated metal case, locking the stator inside as the case cools. A worker uses a hoisting system to insert the rotor inside the stator completing the construction of the motor.

A worker then installs the differential and other sections of the gearbox, attaching it together using bolts. An air leak test is then conducted. The three phase tripole power inverter is then installed onto the top of the motor to convert direct current from the battery into alternating current for the motor to use. The motor then undergoes a series of automated tests taking 4 minutes to ensure correct function, and then is moved to the general assembly area to be installed into the car.

The Model S 85s battery pack contains 7, ' ' lithium-ion battery cells in 16 modules [] wired in series 14 in the flat section and two stacked on the front. The use of commodity cells , similar to those found in laptops and mobile phones , is in contrast to every other electric vehicle manufacturer who use specialized large format Li-Ion cells. The coils are unwound, flattened and cut in a blanking machine; additional cutting is also done using laser cutter.

A robot then transfers the aluminium blanks into the tandem press lines where the sheets are stamped into the various panels of the cars. The workers then inspect each panel to ensure correct pressing.

The parts are then stacked in frames and stored. The machines press one part every 6 seconds and create 5, parts per day. The car is raised and the drive unit is installed into the rear axle assembly. The drive unit provides power directly to the wheels without a drive shaft.

In November there was an accident when the low-pressure aluminum casting press failed, spilling molten metal on three workers and causing their clothing to catch fire.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the factory in Nevada, see Gigafactory 1. For the factory in Europe, see Tesla in Tilburg. Archived from the original on Don't hold your breath on Tesla Motors plant". Additional model features will include inch performance wheels, a black-and-white interior and carbon fiber spoiler.

What does performance cost? Will beat anything in its class on the track," he claims. One interesting feature Musk played up on Twitter is that dual-motor Model 3 sedans will be able to drive on a single motor when needed:. Car drives fine even if a motor breaks down. Interestingly, Musk did not provide any further details about when deliveries for the long-promised base Model 3 would begin.

Musk covered a lot of ground during his late-night tweetstorm, and it wasn't just related to Model 3 specs. According to the CEO, Tesla owners will soon be able to request service through their phones "with a few taps," bringing a Tesla Ranger service person to you. It's not immediately clear if this new feature will come as part of a larger commitment to improved vehicle servicing.

Many owners have reported in online forums and on social media that their vehicles have been plagued by poor build quality, as well as unusually long waits for parts and services for all Tesla lines, including the Model 3. Will soon enable Tesla owners to request service from their phone with a few taps.

Tesla Ranger will come to you to take care of your car. Even as Musk announces these new Model 3 features and specs, Tesla continues to struggle to ramp up Model 3 to previously promised production levels. The Silicon Valley automaker failed to make good on a pledge to assembled 2, Model 3 sedans per week by the end of March, but thus far in May, it has been making progress, building around 3, units per week.

Furthermore, internal memos hint at a healthy increase to 6, units a week by June's end. In the near term, however, Model 3 production at the automaker's Fremont, California factory is also reportedly slated to go idle from May 26 to May 31, according to Reuters. The planned six-day stoppage will help address manufacturing bottlenecks for the vehicle's production. Musk recently announced that Tesla will be staging hackathons in an effort to solve Model 3 production issues.