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Sarah's Teeny Bitches s, Dir. This article is about the South Korean film. Sesso On Line , Dir. Best Foreign Language Film.

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Kouzuki makes money by selling rare books, and he has Hideko give readings of the books for potential buyers. Sook-hee and Hideko grow closer, and Hideko allows Sook-hee to wear her dresses and jewelry. When Hideko asks Sook-hee what married life will be like, Sook-hee makes passionate love to her, promising her the same pleasures with her new husband. Sook-hee begins expressing reluctance about the plan, but when Hideko herself feels that she cannot go through with the marriage, Sook-hee insists, causing Hideko to slap her and run away in frustration.

When Kouzuki leaves on business for a week, Hideko and Fujiwara elope. After cashing out Hideko's inheritance, it is then revealed that Hideko and Fujiwara double crossed Sook-hee and has convinced the asylum that she is the "Countess," and have her committed in Hideko's stead.

A series of flashbacks show that Kouzuki was abusive to both Hideko and her aunt. The books he sells are sadistic pornography, which he trains and forces his wife to read at private auctions for the books, a practice that he also teaches Hideko during childhood. Hideko's aunt is eventually found hanged from a tree in the yard.

When Hideko suspects the death was not suicide, Kouzuki takes Hideko into his basement, where he tells her that he murdered her aunt after she had attempted to run away. In the more recent past, Hideko has grown up, and Fujiwara plans to seduce her to steal her inheritance.

He finds this impossible due to Hideko being desensitized to sex acts and can not be seduced, and he instead makes a deal with her: Hideko agrees under the condition that when they marry, he gives her a vial of poison guaranteed to kill her quickly in the event she is caught by her uncle and taken back to the basement. Hideko further proposes to hire a maid and commit the maid to an asylum in her place. All the while being instructed by Fujiwara, who takes advantage of Sook-hee's illiteracy, Hideko unexpectedly falls in love with her.

Knowing that the woman she loved was planning on betraying her, even with her feelings and their love making, Hideko tries to hang herself. Sook-hee saves her, and confesses her culpability in trying to commit Hideko and steal her inheritance. Hideko admits her plan to commit Sook-hee in her place, and the two vow to get revenge on both Kouzuki and Fujiwara. Hideko shows Sook-hee her uncle's collection of pornography, and Sook-hee destroys the collection in anger.

Hideko eventually joins her, calling Sook-hee "her savior" from her uncle's abuse. Sook-hee's friend Bok-soon sets a fire at the asylum and poses as a firefighter to help rescue Sook-hee. Meanwhile, Hideko poisons Fujiwara's wine, causing him to pass out while she takes the money and leaves. Sook-hee and Hideko reunite and flee together, disguising Hideko as a man to avoid detection.

Kouzuki captures Fujiwara upon receiving a letter from Hideko detailing Fujiwara's deception. He tortures Fujiwara in his cellar with his collection of antique bookmaking tools and presses him for sexual details about his niece. Fujiwara makes up a story about their wedding night, but a flashback shows that Hideko had cut her hand on a knife to stain her sheets, refusing to consummate the marriage.

When Kouzuki presses for more details, Fujiwara convinces Kouzuki to give him one of his cigarettes. After smoking for a while, a disgusted Fujiwara refuses to give any further details. Kouzuki notices the cigarettes are producing blue smoke. Fujiwara reveals that his cigarettes had been laced with mercury, and the toxic gas within the smoke kills them both. On a ferry to Shanghai, China, Sook-hee and Hideko celebrate their newfound freedom by making love once again.

The film opened in limited release across five cinemas in New York City and Los Angeles , [18] [19] and played in additional cinemas in the following weeks. The Handmaiden received critical acclaim. The site's critical consensus reads, " The Handmaiden uses a Victorian crime novel as the loose inspiration for another visually sumptuous and absorbingly idiosyncratic outing from director Park Chan-wook.

The film's numerous sexually explicit scenes between the two main female characters sparked some controversy. The Handmaiden was listed on numerous critics' top ten lists. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the South Korean film. For the servant, see handmaiden. For other uses, see The Handmaid.

Kim Jae-bum Kim Sang-bum. Moho Film Yong Film. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved 10 March Retrieved 23 October Retrieved 12 October Korean Film Biz Zone.

Retrieved 16 May Symphony of the Night. The horses fail to react in any manner whatsoever to Van Helsing jumping and crashing into them caused by real horses and a CGI-produced actor.

There are no opening titles, save the film studio logo. The title of the movie and the credits only appear in the end credits, which are seen as part of the portal to Dracula's lair. Leading up to this year's Golden Globes , comedian Lauren Lapkus shows off her artistic skills to pick the winners of our Bonus Globe Awards.

Presented by Microsoft Surface. SDF alternative title for Cuore di pietra. Sea Attraction , Dir. Sea Creatures , Dir. Sea Sex and Fun alternative title for Scandalo al sole. Sea, Sun and Sex alternative title for B Search For A Star , Dir. Searching for Silvia , Dir.

Sebastiana alternative title for Il Grande momento. Sechs Schwedinnen auf der Alm , Dir. Dietrich and Paul Grau. Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza alternative title for Vacances sexuelles. Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat , Dir. Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle , Dir.

Second Coming of Eva alternative title for Porr i skandalskolan. Second Skin alternative title for Die zweite Haut: Ein Trip in die Wollust. Le Secret d'Elise , Dir. Secret Delights of Baroness Kinky , Dir. Secret Desire , Dir. Secret Diary alternative title for Diario di una Segretaria. The Secret Diary of a Naughty Nun. Secret Diary of a Secretary Secret Diary of a Secretary 2 Secret Experiences alternative title for Secrets d'adolescentes.

Secret Fantasies alternative title for Svenska Fantasier. Secret of a Nun alternative title for Il Mistero del convento. Secret Passions alternative title for Das Haus der geheimen Lüste. Secret Passions Part 2 Secret Service Boobs alternative title for Der Kronzeuge.

Les Secretaires mouillent leur culotte Dir. Les Secretaires mouillent leurs culottes alternative title for Les Secretaires mouillent leur culotte. PIerre Unia as Reine Pirau. Secretarias de dia Travestis de noche Dir. Claude-Bernard Aubert as Burd Tranbaree. Secretaries Secrets - 1 Secretary Inside s, Dir.

Christophe Clark as Christof Clark. Secretary Sluts , Dir. Secrets 2 , Dir. Secrets 3 , Dir. Secrets 4 , Dir. Secrets 5 , Dir. Secrets d'adolescentes , Dir. Secrets de famille , Dir. Secrets de femmes , Dir. Michel Berny as Michel Barny. Secrets de jalousie , Dir. Secrets de jeunes filles , Dir. Les secrets de Laly , Dir. Les secrets de tournages d'Anissa , Dir. Les Secrets du Kamasutra , Dir.

Les Secrets du plaisir s, Dir. Secrets of a Naked Virgin alternative title for Schulmädchen-Report Probieren geht über Studieren. Secrets of College Women alternative title for Internatsgeheimnisse junger Mädchen. Secrets of Kamasutra , Dir. Secrets of Laly alternative title for Les secrets de Laly. Secrets of Mozart , Dir. Secrets of Naked Girls alternative title for Matratzen-Tango.

Secrets of Sex Secrets of Sweet Sixteen alternative title for Was Schulmädchen verschweigen. Secrets of the Abbey Dir. Secrets of the Golden Dick alternative title for Il Mistero del fallo d'oro parte 1.

Secrets of the Harem , Dir. Secrets sadiques , Dir. La Secte du Q , Dir. Secte en chaleur alternative title for Gicle-moi partout. La Secte en folie alternative title for Gicle-moi partout. Secte pornographique , Dir. Sectes en chaleur alternative title for Gicle-moi partout. Section Disciplinaire , Dir. El Secuaz de Morbvs Dir. Security Anal Patrol La Sedia a rotelle s, Dir.

Seduce Me 13 Seduced Delivery Boy The Seducers alternative title for Die Aufreisser. Seducida Y Abandonada Dir. Seducida Y Violada Dir. Seduction alternative title for Le Seduzione. Seduction in Santorini alternative title for Apoplanissi stin Santorini. Seduction in Santorini 2 alternative title for Apoplanissi stin Santorini 2. Seduction of Amy alternative title for Phantasmes. Seductive 1 , Dir. Seductive 2 , Dir. Seductive 3 , Dir. Seductive 4 , Dir.

Seductive 5 , Dir. Seductive 7 , Dir. Seductive 8 , Dir. Le Seduzione , Dir. Seduzione alternative title for La Signora. Seduzione Gitana alternative title for Gipsy Seduction. Il Segno del Potere , Dir. La Segretaria , Dir. Andy Casanova as Andrea Brancati. La Segretaria alternative title for Die Sekretärin.

Segretaria di giorno puttana di notte alternative title for Drug Queen. Una Segretaria particolare alternative title for La Jouisseuse. La Segretaria perfetta c. Segretaria senza complessi , Dir. La Segretaria tuttofare Dir. Segretaria Tuttofare alternative title for Das Arschbohrer Seminar. Le Segretarie, che troie! Segretario a tempo pieno , Dir.

Segrete esperienze di Luca e Fanny alternative title for Secrets d'adolescentes. I Segreti del Confessionale , Dir. I Segreti della Contessa Vacca , Dir. Franco Lo Cascio as Mark Principe. Segreti della Villa s, Dir. Segreti di famiglia , Dir. I Segreti di Luana Borgia Dir. I Segreti di Madame X ? I Segreti di una monella , Dir. Segreti e peccati , Dir. I Segreti osceni di una vedova c. Il Segreto del Monsignore alternative title for Blondes Gift.

Il Segreto di Maurizia Dir. Il Segreto di mia sorella Dir. Sehnsüchtige Liebe alternative title for Ritratto di Famiglia. Le Seigneur des anus. Le Seigneur des anus Dir. La Sein glin glin alternative title for Les Nuits chaudes de Justine. Sein und haben , Dir. Les seins en feux alternative title for Gestes interdits.

Seis calientes suecas en Ibiza alternative title for Vacances sexuelles. Seitensprung auf Ibiza alternative title for Treulose Tomaten. Seitensprünge Compagne di banco alternative title for Compagne di Banco. Die Sekretärin , Dir. Die Sekretärin 7 Sekretärinnen Report , Dir. Seks bez pereryva , Dir. Seks eksperiment s ochkamy alternative title for Das Brillen S experiment. Seks po-Russki , Dir. Seksi igre u internatu alternative title for Julchen und Jettchen - die verliebten Apothekerstöchter.

Seksiä ja rautaa c. Seksowne Studentki alternative title for Harte Pinsel. Sekspartiya Bridzh , Dir. Seksualny kod alternative title for DF: Seksualny Peterburg , Dir. Seksualny Peterburg 2 , Dir. Seksualny Peterburg 3 , Dir.

Sekt-Empfang im Arsch alternative title for Plastic Workshop. Selen - dalla testa ai piedi! Selen - Rituale der Lust alternative title for Cronaca nera 3, La clinica della vergogna. Selen Confidential alternative title for A.

Selen e il Supertrans alternative title for Divisione di colpi. Selen histoires secretes alternative title for Selen Video Magazine. Selen in DVD s. Selen in Heat alternative title for Selen superporca. Selen l'idolo del piacere , Dir. Selen nell' isola del tesoro , Dir. Selen on Treasure Island alternative title for Selen nell' isola del tesoro.

Selen puledra in calore , Dir. Alessandro Perella as Alex Perry. Selen Sexual Killer alternative title for Rosso e nero. Selen superporca , Dir. Alessandro Perella as as A. Selen the Girl from Treasure Island alternative title for Selen nell' isola del tesoro. Selen the Perfect Lover alternative title for Selen puledra in calore. Selen Video Magazine , Dir. Selen Video Magazine 3 , Dir. Selen Video Magazine 4 c. Selen credited, but probably Mario Salieri.

Selen Video Magazine 8 - Sognando Selen. Provocazioni alternative title for Provocazioni. Selena 18 Ihr Hobby: Self Service Girls alternative title for Mädchen, die sich selbst bedienen. Selkes Stories , Dir. Selskie Kanikuly , Dir. Tatjana Tajskaja and Sergeij Volk. Selvaggio West alternative title for Cacciatori di Taglie. Une Semaine d'amour alternative title for Una Settimana d'amore. Seme d'amore alternative title for Intime Liebschaften. Sementales para chicas exigentes alternative title for Sex Games.

Semi-Detached 2 , Dir. Semplicemente Sesso , Dir. Send from Heaven Senior-Attack alternative title for Senioren-Attacke. Das Sennenlutschi , Dir. Senoritas de compania alternative title for Miss Libido. Sens interdits , Dir. Sensation alternative title for Sensazioni. Sensational Janine alternative title for Josefine Mutzenbacher The Sensational Quattro Girls c.

The Sensational Show Girls c. Gabriel Pontello as Gabriela Ponti? Die sensationelle Titten-Party c. Sensazioni alternative title for Prends-moi avec douceur, c'est meilleur. The Sensitive alternative title for Ossessione - The Sensitive. Senso di colpa alternative title for Memories. Sensual Moments , Dir. Sensual Murder alternative title for Delitto carnale. Sensual Partners alternative title for Tänzerinnen für Tanger. Sensual Sweethearts 2 , Dir.

Sensual Vibrations alternative title for Vibrations sexuelles. The Sensualist alternative title for La Jouisseuse.

Mario Bianchi as Mimmo Barto. Alex Martini as A. Sensuous Doll alternative title for Les Confidences de Sandra. Sensuous Slaves alternative title for Tänzerinnen für Tanger.

Senza buccia , Dir. Senza paura a Tel Aviv , Dir. Senza pudore , Dir. Senza pudore alternative title for Schamlos geile Hexen. Senza regole alternative title for Lulu's Nights. Senza scelta , Dir. Senza scrupoli 2 , Dir. Senza scrupolo alcuno , Dir. Les Sept mercenaires alternative title for Le Magnifiche 7.

Les Sept perversions de Vanessa ? Guy de Pasqual Guy Bodart? Sequestration alternative title for Sequestro con riscatto. Il Sequestro , Dir. Il Sequestro - Sindrome di Stoccolma , Dir.

Silvio Bandinelli as Frank Simon. Sequestro con riscatto Dir. Sequestro di una madonna per bene Dir. Serena la camionera alternative title for Serena la camionista. Serena la camionista , Dir. Giancarlo Bini in Germany Jack Crawler.

Serial Fucker , Dir. Serial Fucker 2 , Dir. Serial Fucker 3 , Dir. Serial Fucker 4 Dir. Serial Fucker 5 Dir. Serial Fuckers 6 Dir. Serial Killer , Dir.

Serre-moi contre toi, j'ai besoin de caresses , Dir. La Serva , Dir. Serva e schiava 2 s. La Servante perverse alternative title for Les Nymphomanes.

Les Servantes , Dir. Servantes sans culotte alternative title for Chattes en chaleur. Serve-äss alternative title for Serve Ess. Les Serveuses , Dir. Serveuses au Menu , Dir. Servez-chaud alternative title for Heiss geblasen Serviced with a Smile alternative title for Couple cherche esclaves sexuels.

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Sesso forte - Pensiero penetrante , Dir. Sesso forte 2 alternative title for Sesso forte - Pensiero penetrante. Sesso in Agenzia Dir. Sesso in discoteca , Dir. Denis David Carol as Davide Coralli. Sesso in famiglia , Dir. Sesso in ferrovia c. Sesso in radio Dir. Sesso in redazione Dir. Sesso in rete alternative title for Nete-Sexe. Sesso minuto per minuto Le profezie di una pornomaga Sesso nero , Dir. Sesso On Line , Dir. Sesso Pericoloso , Dir. Sesso pericoloso in Costa Brava alternative title for Danger Love.

Sesso Scandalo alternative title for Skandal-Report. Sesso Sfrenato alternative title for Sexo, amor y desenfreno. Sesso sfrenato a Barcellona alternative title for Geile kusjes uit Sesso sotto la pelle alternative title for Sex mit Sechzehn. Sesso sporco con coppie depravate.

Sesso Tradimente e Videotape Dir. Sesso, Donne e barche alle Antille Dir. La Sessuologa , Dir. La Sessuologa - Assistenza a domicilio ? Sestricka alternative title for Infermiera di lusso. Il Set del piacere , Dir. Jose Maria Ponce as J. La Setta alternative title for Love and Pain. Sette scialli di seta gialla , Dir. Una Settimana d'amore , Dir. Il Settimo paradiso Dir.

The Seven Sexy Sins alternative title for Peccati di gola. Seventeen Special - The Next Generation 1: Horny Teenage Action , Dir. Seventeen Special 30 c. Seventeen Special 31 - Sperm Eating Schoolgirls Seventeen Special 34 Dir. Seventeen's House Party 1 Seventeen's House Party 2 Seventeen's Playground 2 Seventeens House Party 3. The Seventh Heaven alternative title for Il Settimo paradiso. Schlampen der Siebziger , Dir. Sevices Italiens alternative title for Sceneggiata napoletana.

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